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Monday, January 10, 2011 7:48 PM
I wish it can just stop

Argh I've gotta get a haircut soon, my fringe keeps poking into my eyes, completely irritating!@#$

Anyway, watched Another Cinderella Story yesterday night (oops, perhaps I should say this morning...) Okay I know that movie has been out for quite a long time already, sorry for being slow, I guess. Well I had some thoughts after watching the movie, was thinking what will happen IF Cinderella never gets her happily ever after? What if she reached home past midnight? Her evil stepmother will probably lock her up in some old wooden shed deep in the forest after knowing that she went to the ball, I guess. Even if she did reached home before the clock strikes twelve, what if the prince never found her? She'll most likely spend the rest of her life in the dumb house tending to her evil stepmother and dumb stepsisters, while hiding her only one glass slipper forever until her hair turns gray and nobody will know until she drops dead so they had no choice but to go through her stuff, hmmm. Even if she DID get married to the prince and all that, what if the prince is a jerk? It wasn't even mentioned in the dumb fairytale that Prince Charming's some kind-hearted man right??? I'm feeling sorry for Cinderella, maybe she'll get abused by the prince after he gets drunk every night, uh-oh.
*Coughs* - just clearing the train of thoughts that has been going through my mind ever since I finished that movie. I did considered many other fairytales too, but I won't be talking about it here - don't wanna seem like some long-winded old woman LOL. Oh yea and did I mention that I had watched Tangled already? It was freaking awesome and I totally love Eugene (the main guy character)!!! I won't mind watching the movie for a second time ya know;)

Went to Nanyang Junior College's open house with Yifan today! Got this pink goodie bag (I don't really like pink, as some of you know...) The campus isn't bad, but it really looks like some ordinary secondary school, instead of how we imagined a fancy junior college will look like. Yifan stated that it's most likely due to the fact that we had visited some polytechnics and they are all like, freaking big (DUH) and that's why junior colleges paled in comparison with those polytechnics. Hmmm sadly, I agree.
Almost immediately after the moment I entered NYJC, I was "ambushed" by two choir members from that school and they passed me a balloon (I DON'T LIKE BALLOONS I'M TELLING YOU PEOPLE HERE BALLOONS ARE IRRITATING AND EVEN THOUGH THEY CAN BE CUTE AND ACT AS SOME LOVELY ACCESSORIES DURING PHOTOGRAPHY TIME THEY ARE TROUBLESOME TO DEAL WITH AND SOMEMORE YOU CAN'T REALLY KEEP THEM IN YOUR BAG YOU'LL HAVE TO CARRY THEM EVERYWHERE YOU GO BLAHBLAHBLAH - okay sorry for being so agitated but oh well I dumped the balloon in the end and while it's still in the dustbin I poked at it so it burst into million pieces HOHOHO >:D) Erm sorry for the huge interruption. I mean, do I have that choir face? Weird. Well if I decided to enter a junior college in the end I'll probably end up joining choir again, most probably. I don't have any other talents ;__;
There wasn't really much to see at NYJC so we left and went to Vivo City after that for our lunch/dinner (?) Dined at Superdog for the first time in my life ever. I was thoroughly disappointed with the quality of the food served. Because of the OH-SO-WUUUNDERFUL price I actually expected the food to taste heavenly, but no it didn't. Maybe it's due to the fact that we had high expectation, that's why the food taste... normal. You guys should have seen Yifan's face while eating, she's frowning :\ My burger wasn't as bad as her hotdog bun, because it was bigger and taste better than hers even though mine was cheaper :3
Walked around after that and Yifan bought this weird-looking dress at Nichii - which she said is "VERY HER" but it's definitely not my taste, blergh. I saw this really sweet-looking dress though but it cost S$40 and if I buy it I won't have enough to buy my shoes (fyi I wanna buy five pairs of shoes...) But I did took a photo of the dress! Nice nice nice? Any comments on whether I should buy? :|

Saw a cool bench at the Nokia shop too (has been seeing this bench since forever but never really did take a photo of it :O) It's made up of recycled handphone casings! Kewl huh? So recycle your old phone now instead of just throwing it away - if you do!:D

And finally... LOL.

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