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Tuesday, January 4, 2011 5:53 AM
Born an original, die a copy

"You're born as an unoriginal, don't die as a copy."
I beg to differ. There was this period of time when I see that sentence all over my Tumblr dashboard, with countless reblogs. Thinking back now, I have no idea why I agree with it last time. I have been thinking about it (ever since I first saw that quote) and now it doesn't make a single sense to me at all. I mean, yea I know we're all born as an original - like a piece of empty white paper, with nothing written on it, with no dirt, no smudges, no whatever and undamaged. Definitely. But what about after growing up? Nobody can really avoid die as a copy you see... unless you live in some wild jungle all alone without another soul other than yourself, not even a single animal, because you might just learn to copy their movements and how they live, isn't it?
How can we not die as a copy, when we're constantly surrounded by a crazy society, where there are always different trends and temptations. From the very moment we're born, we're meant to be a copy, just another human. When we die, we die, also as another human. We have been here in the world, done stuff and just die. Goodbye, the end, sayonara, never seen again on the surface of Earth. Who dare say we aren't copies? We learn how to speak, walk the same way, eat, use phones, use computers, go to school, bathe and sleep. Well sometimes I really do wonder if we're just mere robots with our own thoughts, controlled by some huge, evil beings behind the scene? Or maybe we're just useless puppets, with strings attached, moving at what we think is our own free will but is the opposite? Nobody knows.
Okay it's not that everyone will be dying as just another useless copy, but most of us will, including me. I had once read a book by Scott Westerfeld about trend-setters in the world, well apparently they're supposed to set the trends for people to follow? Have you guys ever wonder who those trend-setters are? Who's the first person who snapped his fingers? The first person who wore his cap back to front? The first person who stuck his tongue out in response cheekily? The first person who wore a pair of shades? Everywhere I go, everything I see, I'll never help but wonder who's the first person who started out doing all those things.
As an extreme thinker, I'm always this bored I can just sit down thinking about all these stuff (yup I'm mad I guess) Okay okay guess I'll be stopping here, sorry for being, erm, weird, just voicing my thoughts, hees.

Watched The Tourist! Angelina Jolie is beautiful, it's a pity that the movie's kinda boring in the beginning :\

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