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Monday, January 3, 2011 7:46 AM
No more hate, no more anger, and nothing's left

Yea I gotta memorise this...>:)

Lunch with Jiesi and Qiaofen today at Long John Silver, the two pieces of chicken was measly, somehow they had shrunk over months I guess, it used to be bigger! Okay never mind that. Since Qiaofen's working she only has two hours of short break (it's a lot longer than my half an hour break though!) with us D:
Stupid queue at Giant when we bought our stuff cuz the cashier kept disappearing to I-have-no-idea-where and the number of people in the queue kept increasing. Waited for like 15 minutes plus just to pay up for our stuffs -.- They didn't even apologize when a lady complained! Tsk tsk bad service...
Walked around IMM, okay there isn't really anything I guess. Bought a dress though, which is completely unexpected. Because I'm definitely NOT the kind of girl who loves dress, so I have no idea why I bought the dress. Oh well but it's pretty^^

Thanks to Jiesi, I can now watch movies hohoho x)