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Monday, January 31, 2011 5:07 AM
But you weren't there to hear it

It's a pity that the amazing race is cancelled (*gasp* - ikr!) and we have no choice but miss out the fun we could've had!:( We learned the couple dance today and I paired up with Mengyuan - okay lar actually I'm kinda disappointed that I'm not paired up with a cute guy, but my group doesn't really has any eye candies for me anyway, sigh - since we're both of same gender I ended up being the guy haha even fist-bumped with KFC, go guys! It turns out okay luh I guess, even though I don't really get some dance moves as usual, guess I'm just not born for dancing, hehhh.
Just play games randomly throughout the day since the sky wouldn't stop crying and I was freezing cold D: Went out as a group to NEX for our group lunch after that, ate pepper lunch (hehe) and took tons of photos!

Me and Ethel!

Me and Cheryl!

Dionne and I - haha dumb faces:P

Kele and I!

Me and Varsha!

Marilyn and I^^

Me and Mengyuan!

Shijia and I!

Me and Dionne again - don't we do awesome faces!? >:D

Elizabeth and I!

Dionne and I (yes I know, again LOL)

Alson! "So embarrassing~!"

And I decided to camwhore by myself because I just.. felt like it? :P

Dionne not looking into the camera!! @@

Nice shot finally hehe

Dionne + Isaac + me at a corner -o-

Before going off.. last photo with Isaac!

Since Yifan ps me to go watch movie with her OG friends and leaving me alone, I travelled home alone, sob. I was half-asleep during the train ride and keep alighting at wrong stations because I saw many people alighting at a stop so I followed them thinking I had reached my destination without looking at the sign, only to realize later that I did something dumb -.-
Well luckily I got off the train at the wrong stop so I had to wait to board another train, if not I wouldn't have met Rouyi, Jingyong and Jerlin, at least with them I have companions for the rest of the ride hehe ^^ Rouyi seemed as if she's on ecstasy, she's too high from playing with her backpack LULZ. Saw Javan too, haha what a coincidence! He skipped the first day of his camp to go fix his iPhone, awww poor iPhone I guess it's spoiled because it didn't felt any love and care coming from DA NOOBZXC tsktsk...

Alighted at Clementi to take a bus home from there, passed by my secondary school on the way and I got so emotional I actually started crying, just because I saw some people from the school and they're all laughing and having fun, I guess I'm.. jealous? D: Somehow I'm missing my old friends, but I want to very hard to fit in with my new friends too, even though it's still awkward sometimes, sigh.
Terrible headache. Everyday, gah.