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Sunday, January 30, 2011 7:57 AM

Last night, I knew what to say, but you weren't there to hear it
These lines, so well rehearsed, tongue-tied and overloaded
You never notice. /The Academy Is - About A Girl
My all-time favourite song! WOOHOO LOVE THE ELECTRIC GUITAR AND DRUMMING IN THE SONG. Hearing it after a long time definitely brings back memories, and that will be my favourite lyrics in this awesome song:)

Rushed all the way over to NEX @Serangoon this afternoon for lunch with Marilyn, Alson and Haqqim:) Sorry for being so late (they don't know me being a late queen yet because I'm determined to turn over a new leaf, still trying my best though argh..) It's a bit awkward for me since I only know them for two days so I just there listening most of the time. Oh well that's what I normally do when going out with a big crowd anyway (except that this isn't a big crowd LOL) - fade in, listen, and get to know more gossip - hehe.
Haqqim left early and the rest of us went to sit in Starbucks (without purchasing a single thing hahahaha) to kinda chat while Marilyn do her computer stuff, etc. I didn't really felt like talking thanks to my terrible voice :'( Hope I get to know my OG better soon! MARILYN IS A WONDERFUL OGL!! - hope she reads this and smile ^^
Saw Charmaine today at NEX too! Kinda awkward with her too because we never meet up before, hehe she's cute:3

Awesome drink - green bean milk tea with red pearl zomg ♥
There's actually real green beans mushed up inside it's freaking cool :D