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Friday, January 14, 2011 2:16 AM

I finally submitted my Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE)!
What a relief. It was a tough decision and all that, only my first four choices are junior colleges and the rest of the 8 spaces were filled up with some polytechnic courses. Many think that it'll be okay to put only just a few choice instead of filling up the entire form to twelve choices, but I just have a feeling that all the choices are important so I filled up all the spaces... Well let's just say that I'm more serious only about my top 7 choices, but all the courses I put - I'm seriously interested, so whatever course I got in the end I'll be okay with it (I guess?)
I actually stayed up until 7.30am this morning to consider my choices before going to sleep. Googled the schools that I had chosen the entire night, read through those scandals blah blah blah, and I realised that actually no schools have a clean record, there's always something bad about the school, whether the problem is big or small. No school's perfect, so I kind of just heck the scandals in the end and submit the form. I really have to thank those who put up with my rantings and endless enquiries about where I should go next, polytechnic or to a junior college and if junior college which one I should go to. Thanks for the helps (even though some had caused me to be even more confused - LOL), you guys know who you are! Sorry for being such a nuisance at late hours and so troublesome too (><) Also, a lot of thanks to Nicole, a wonderful senior from JJC (don't think she'll read my blog but oh well..) who spent 45 minutes on phone with me and my dumb questions while she sounded unwell D:
Don't really feel like listing what choices I had put for my JAE, just saying that Anglo-Chinese Junior College still ends up being my first choice, even though I didn't meet the cut-off point. Just putting it in my first choice for the sake of putting, I'm already 100% prepared to not get in:) Ha and I bet nobody will believe that I actually included an Accountancy course in one of my 12 choices too since I had mentioned that I dislike counting money and all that, hees.
Somehow I'm kinda hoping that I won't end up in ACJC after all, it feels stressful all of a sudden ._.

My birthday's coming in a month and two days' time!:DD