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Friday, January 14, 2011 10:40 AM

I just realized that I never really blog about my O'level result properly, only saying that it's terrible. So I was thinking I should somehow talk a bit about it, ha:)
There's a thousand butterflies in my stomach when it was my turn to receive my result, and I still remember Miss Tan showing me my results while saying something like "I don't know how you feel lar but I think you did okay" - can't really recall because my eyes was too busy scanning through my grades on the result slip. At first I was like, woah, I didn't get a single C! Well that's because I was only looking at the "Grade Alphabetical" column and it's all As and Bs so I was thinking "wah not bad leh!" but then I saw the grade numerical section and realized that I had gotten B4 for both my Pure Chemistry and Physics, LOL epic fail.
At least I can say that I'm proud of my Elementary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics (I'm trying to blog in proper English instead of the short forms!) because I got A1 for both of them! Well. That's all. Yea I only got two A1s, pathetic huh? YAY MATHEMATICS FOR THE WIN XD Also, I'm happy and satisfied with my Pure Geography grade too even though I only got an A2 for it. Why? Because (sad to say...) I have been failing the subject throughout the year without passing a single time but I got up all the way to get an A during O'level! HOHOHO *proud* I got an A2 for Higher Chinese too and I heard that only two had gotten A1 in the entire Secondary Four level for my school! Hehhh so getting an A2 means that I'm already good at Chinese isn't it, hehe ^^
Okay I'm finally done boasting here - only listing my As subject. I'm thoroughly disappointed with my English Language and Combined Humanities (plus the 2 Sciences of course), they're the shame of my O'level result T-T Sigh, if only I don't have the Sciences to drag my points down...

Finally... I'm starting to like MBLAQ because of this:
Their makeups are waterproof! Cool isn't it *__* This is the first time I'm posting up a music video of a band with members I don't even know o_o
/edit//3.07am/ Okay now I can recognise all the band members already!! *cough* - in this MV only but not in the other music videos, it takes time arghhh because I'll have to learn to recognise them with and without makeup on - two faces for each member -.-

Qiaofen's turning 17 in three days ZOMG.

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