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Saturday, January 8, 2011 7:48 AM
The times we had

YAY photos from class chalet!:D
Our class chalet's over at Pasir Ris - Aranda Country Club! The chalet's quite huge with two rooms and a big living room^^ I like the fact that there's a bathroom and a king-sized bed in each room, hoho x) Okay I think that this will be a more detailed post than the previous one because there's erm, photos, ha(:

4E1'10!! + Mr Tan + Jolin in Mr Tan's bag:DDD

The girls! XDD

Okay I know I look kinda dumb, but hey, it's the first photo of myself at the chalet! (with Vivian^^)

Played Captain's Ball too:D Poor ball fell into the muddy mangrove area, yikes. Oh well at least I had fun playing~

LOL I kept falling onto the ground (x100000 times) - "over-enthu" that day to snatch the ball-.-

We had a night catching game at midnight in the Pasir Ris Park - area 2 and 3! It's sort of adapted from a Korean variety show called The Running Man.

Pretty mad luh we had to run around searching for clues all over the place that will eventually form up a phone number which a person in the mission team will have to call in order to finish the game O: It sounds kinda simple huh? Well it WILL be if not for the fact that it's dark (I won't be able to see anything at all if there isn't lamp posts!) and the catcher team. Yes, there were a few catchers chasing us everywhere and tearing off the masking tape stuck at the back of our shirt with our names written on-.- I think me and Qiaofen were to first two to be caught, dumb luh but we couldn't run already thanks to our so-ever-awesome stamina - I know right! - AND the fact that we had almost nowhere to escape to since each of us were being ambushed by two catchers, very unfortunately. Well despite my struggle, my masking tape still got torn off in the end and thus we were sent to the "prison". The game lasted for a few hours and we actually walked the entire park (I think) zomgwth... Okay I think this is a bit over-detailed I shall move on stop talking about the game already...

Our cake-icecream-pudding! The one on the most right-hand side's mine, taste awesome XD

The girls playing Monopoly Deal (I only won twice out of the so many times we played:|)

Jeslynn with the Ribena-cum-wine thingy, we took a sip of it before going to kbox. ZOMG IT STANK LIKE SHITZ, smelled and tasted like beer + cigarettes eek, guess I don't really know how to appreciate wine stuff o_o

Okay and so I went to kbox with Felicia, Jiesi, Junyuan, Qiaofen, Sweden and YiFang (in alphabetical order:D) after that, sang lots of songs! I think the effect of the wine came a bit late cuz I was only high after some hours LOL. Taylor Swift's and Katy Perry's songs are killers man, I can't hit the really high-pitched parts :( This is probably one of the most enjoyable kbox trip I've had, because for the first time, I didn't feel freezing cold. Another awesome thing, kbox has got wireless! HOHO THAT'S WHY I'M ABLE TO USE INTERNET ON MY PHONE >:)
Sadly, we didn't take any photos at kbox:'(


Me, with Sonia and Mr Tan's dog XD

Can't remember who I was messaging at that time... Dorothy? Charmaine? Pearlie? ._. Aren't I awesome to even reply you guys while eating!:DD

Mr Tan and his dog Jolin (I'm not sure how to spell her name...)! Jolin's freaking cute isn't it, I had fallen in love with her even though I'm too afraid to touch her ._. Love her ears, damn adorable *fangirl scream* Oh yea, thanks Mr Tan for coming too haha:)

Our bikesssssss:)

Finally settling down after an hour's ride on our bikes - it was like 2am plus in the morning? We're all super tired and sleepy @@

Played some weird game where a person have to say a word and the next person will have to say another word that starts with the letter that is the last letter of the word that the previous person said :O It's kinda mixed with Concentration too. Don't understand? Never mind because I have no idea how to explain... By playing this game, we finally understood how much our English had deteriorate, we always mixed up "a" with "e" -.-

...I'm gonna miss 4E1, seems like the time's flying too fast for me.