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Sunday, January 9, 2011 7:39 AM
I wish you would understand, somehow

Supposed to go to a seminar at Temasek Poly yesterday but I ended up not going because of my knee injury, so Qiaofen went to it alone, sorry x_x Well at least we met up afterwards (at 5pm plus?-.-) to go Singapore Poly but it was kinda too late already D: Walked around the buildings for a bit, didn't really get to see much since we're kinda late. Got a goodie bag too (haha I'm sounding like some typical Singaporean huh) - even though we had to actually ask for it from the service counter and Qiaofen was talking about how the people at TP were more friendly and gave her goodie bags automatically. Took a look at the Design courses there - I'm still not sure whether I should go to a Junior College or a Polytechnic, argh this is like damn confusing man, and qf kept persuading me to take a design course, but I highly doubt that I can excel in it though...:(
Went over to Tiong Bahru Plaza to have our dinner after that, walked around, didn't really buy anyhting O: Ate the Choco Cone from Mac too, it has been a few years since I last ate Mac's ice-cream cones! Haha not bad luh, ah, those days when I kept eating them.

I know I looked kinda drunk but I have no idea why LOL

LOL yea Qiaofen looked like she has that halo thingy above her head

This is how my knee looks like currently. Eww, ikr. Sorry for the disturbing photo:X

Travel all the way to Tampines today to get my new headband from Judy. Oh and I bought a pair of slippers too, woohoo I finally have a new pair of slippers!:):):) It's my first time in Tampines and I was like, wandering everywhere without a single idea where on earth I was @@

AND/ - RESULTS FOR O-LEVEL'S OUT TOMORROW!!! AHHHHHHHHH wish me luck guys, hope I'm able to smile and jump around wildly after seeing my results!