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Tuesday, February 15, 2011 7:51 AM
For now it's too soon for you to say

Another boring day... with my very first choir practice at SAJC - and because of it I have to miss the captain's ball competition (damn I was really looking forward to playing!!) but oh well, 11A02 was in the third place, hip hip hooray we have awesome class spirit, ROAR!♥ It felt like the first day of school again for choir practice since I didn't know anyone there and it was really awkward because I was the only girl wearing PE T-shirt (didn't bother to change out after missing the competition, sigh) so I sort of stood out, argh. Oh but luckily it turned out fine in the end, got into Soprano 2, guess I just don't have the stamina for super super super duper high pitch notes anymore!:(
Missed my house's bus stop when riding home in bus today, should have reached home by about 8.30pm and I only reached home at like, 9.30pm, pathetic huh? I was sleeping on the bus - too tired:(

Just some random photos...:)

During econs!:DD

ME! hahaha:x

Me and Sijia on Valentine's Day, what a coincidence!;D

Me with Xinyun and Qianying!:D

Xinyun and I!

Me and Lyn!

Weiyan and I!

Me and Qianying!

Valentine's Day card for my beloves! Hehe;D