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Wednesday, February 16, 2011 7:24 AM
My 17th birthday (part one)!

Firstly, thanks those who had wished me a happy birthday through messaging me, writing on my Facebook wall, through Twitter and also those who wished me a happy birthday face-to-face, you guys are awesome!:)
Yockyen sent me an advanced birthday sms just because she couldn't stay awake anymore, tsktsk:P Thanks dear for being the first to send me a birthday sms (hoho so sweet :'D) followed by YiFang, Qiaofen, Magdelene (Tan), Marilyn, Kamin, Felicia, Jiawan, Alson, dear (again!), Nisa, Yuhui, Lyn, my own sister (LOL), Dionne, Jeslynn, Dorothy, Pearlie, Singtel (-___-!!), Huien, KeeFoong, Charmaine, Andrew, Xiaoyan, Christine, Ethel, Jiesi, Amanda and finally, Yifan!:D Love ya all!♥
Thanks 11A02 for singing me a birthday song and the awesome chocolate cake! Took photos with most of my classmates after shaking their hands, teehee :D Sorry for having the exact same pose in almost every photos, I was too tired :x


Waiting for Yifang to upload the photos for my birthday dinner, hehe I love Damily!;D Too bad Jiesi couldn't turn up.. hope she gets well soon!

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