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Tuesday, February 22, 2011 6:43 AM
Glitters and confettis

Everything seems to be in the wrong tracks today.
Muscle ache - did I mention it that I ran 4 rounds around the school track during PE yesterday, which is the first time I'm running in so many months' time, all I can say is that I almost died - so now my thigh is aching like there's no tomorrow, making me feel horrible since I can't even cross my legs without feeling the.. pain. Want to listen to a more pathetic news? I'm the last person to finish running in class (NOOOOO), everyone finished running the rounds waaaay before I do.. but wait! Thanks Qianying for being by my side encouraging me to finish running, really appreciate it!:) The bad thing? I have PE again tomorrow ZOMFG I HAVEN'T EVEN RECOVER FROM MY MUSCLE ACHE :(
Oh wait I just realize that I don't exactly have much to complain about already, except for my f-cked up timetable, choir and me not feeling well. Received our proper timetable today and I have the urge to rip the piece of paper, my earliest dismissal time for the entire week will be 2.30pm on Thursday - WTH? And Friday, omg seriously my classes could have all end at 11.30am if not for a stupid 2.5hours break followed by a 1.5hours of GP tutorial before school officially ends, blergh this is inhuman how can they torture me like thaaaaaaat ;__;
As if getting a dumbass timetable wasn't enough, I received my choir schedule -o- Don't even want to talk about it because thanks to choir I'm only reaching home at like 9pm plus every Tuesday and Wednesday. What's more, I even have to go back school for choir practice on Saturday from early morning until 3pm :( The only day that I'll be free will be Sunday, feeling like I have no life at all manzxc. Choir sucks today because I was kinda running a fever and having a bad sorethroat so my throat hurts whenever I'm trying to reach high notes, argh.
Felt really lousy today.. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be 100 times better!:)
Yea but there's choir again tomorrow argh./