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Sunday, February 27, 2011 4:21 AM
Not even a single squeak

Two days without blogging! Sorry guys but I'm really tired these days and wasn't feeling well this entire week... My sorethroat has taken a plunge for the worst - I can't even make a single squeak now! YES I LOST MY VOICE, C O M P L E T E L Y. This is really terrible :( That's not all, I'm currently having the most terrible cough ever (Qiaofen said I cough like a dinosaur T-T) and I can't go on for a minute without coughing, argh.
Had choir from 8.45am till 3pm yesterday (SIX HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES WTF). Due to the dumbass physical training I had during choir yesterday (running 3 rounds around the track, push-ups, crunches, etc), I almost died and now I'm feeling horrible thanks to all those trainings I've got a stomach muscle ache thanks to countless crunches, arms and thighs muscle ache from push-ups plus running. Since when did choir become so tough?! I kept singing during choir too even though I was told that I shouldn't because my sorethroat will get worse but I just turned a deaf ear to it because how can you expect me not to be tempted to sing when everyone else is singing? I regret not listening to the advice given :(
Went to Plaza Singapura to meet up with the girls - Jiesi, Qiaofen and YiFang - after choir!:D Qiaofen and YiFang was pretty late so Jiesi and I had a nice chat at Mac, even saw WC there what a coincidence!^^ Wandered around after that wondering what to eat and eventually we settled down at Yoshinoya, spent quite some times there before going to Starbucks, I hate myself for having a terrible cough and not being able to drink the mocha argh noooo...

Qiaofen and I ;DD

Me and Jiesi ^^~

YiFang and I - spastic faces teehee :X

Under the spotlight hohoho XD

Ending this post with IU's Good Day, her high pitch at 4:47 was just freaking amazing as it goes higher and higher, if only I can sing as well as her... *__* Oh wait I can't even speak now, let alone sing, sigh :'(

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