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Friday, March 11, 2011 7:56 AM
All the dreams we once had

I realize that I've been neglecting my blog these days, which is why I'm updating it now.
Well life has been rather hectic for me recently, there's just too many things going on that I can feel myself breaking down slowly, bit by bit. I have no idea for how much longer I'll be able to hold this in, perhaps I'll eventually be okay? Or maybe it'll take just one more day for everything to break loose? I seriously don't know. Even though today's the last day of school,  I can't really feel it, it doesn't really make a difference you see..
There's an overwhelming amount of schoolwork waiting for me to catch up on, I'm lagging behind by a real lot and if this were to continue, I'll definitely get retained. No way will I want to get retained, not only will my parents be disappointed in me, me myself will also be disappointed too because it'll all be my own fault for letting myself down. Even so, I just can't find the motivation to study hard and catch up, I just feel tired.
There's also choir. Thanks a lot to choir I reached home at like, 11pm today, terrible huh? SYF is coming soon, and we have tons of practices. There's still choir tomorrow, my life seriously sucks oh man. The problem is that my cough haven't entirely recover, and by constantly singing I don't think it's gonna recover any sooner... probably never again? NOOOOOO. I cough almost after singing every line during choir - it's not exactly a full cough I guess, my throat just feel extremely itchy, making me feel like I have to cough to make it stop itching, argh wth. Just by typing this few paragraphs I had already coughed more than 30 times zomfg. I cough everywhere I go and people on train and bus are always looking at me as if I have SARS or something freaky and keep looking at me with a disturbing look from the corner of their eyes, while some even go to the extent of glaring at me. Sigh.
Food ban too. DAMN. IT. Because choir SYF is coming we have to take note of what we're putting into our mouth to stay healthy and keep our voice at its best condition, so now I'm forbid to eat junk foods and any unhealthy food like chocolate (NUUUUU D:::), potato chips, fizzy drinks, etc. Hope I'll lose some weight in the process too hehe...
There seriously is some big pest control problem over at Potong Pasir too. I was walking back to school for choir in the afternoon from NEX with Jerlin and we had to walked through some HDB flat's void deck. Guess what, the ground's filled with cockroaches! When I saw the first cockroach I was like, okay so there's a cockroach, what's the big deal? But things began to get more and more scary after that because there's cockroaches at the void deck everywhere we turn and I totally freaked out and started screaming "OMGOMGOMG" - stupid much but you can't blame me for freaking out right, I mean, there's a whole gang of cockroaches at void deck, who won't be scared?! Also, there's always a million birds flying everywhere all over that place every now and then - in fact, I believe that most of the bird population in Singapore is concentrated over at Potong Pasir. When we're having our break in the canteen in school, it's no surprise when a bird suddenly fly past you right in front of your nose or beside you, no more than 3cm away. There's also cases whereby a bird will fly into your class in the middle of a lesson and then hopped out of the classroom through the front door - ridiculous? No, it's ridiculously true. The birds are annoying and you can always hear them chirping away at in SAJC, what a disturbance... Well maybe the birds are the ones spreading the cough, everyone seems to be coughing these days!! This is just plain insanity.
I'm speaking more and more English these days, kind of weird but yeaaaa. SAJC is more of an "angmoh" school like many say, quite true, because it's kinda rare to see people speaking in languages other than English. I starting to feel awkward speaking in Chinese now oh no... Hmmm but at least my English improved, didn't it? Well except for my grammar, I suck at grammar - forever. I just can't help the fact that I don't get grammar and all their nonsense! :(
And then, you. I don't get you, at all. You've been ignoring me for as long as I hadn't blog and I have no idea why. We aren't even having a fight or anything and you just won't tell me what on earth is wrong. You had me so confused and all. I'm taking the ignoring as a hint that you want to end things? Okay it's bye then, I guess? You hate me so much that you don't even bother telling me properly that you don't want to talk to me anymore, was I that much of a bother to you? I can't believe how ignorant you are to many things and I'm sorry that I wasn't understandable enough. Thanks to you I wasted 2 litre of tears and had puffy red eyes for consecutively two days, what a joke, but oh well that makes life more interesting, so thanks!
With so many things going on, I can't believe that I still haven't collapse. I can't even find the time to properly relax! My schedule's super packed, but who cares?! I'm soooo going out with my awesome friends during the holiday, even though it's just a short holiday and I have loads of homework waiting for me, MUAHAHAHA. Going to kbox for a singing session is a must!!! (even though I'm losing my voice again oh shit) Can't wait to see the girls - Qiaofen Jiesi Yifang Felicia!:DD Have a pending dinner treat from Genghao too (XD) and I really hope that I can meet up with a few of my primary school friends, haven't really seen each other much for many years...
My mood swing's really bad these days, especially in school. One second I'll be super hyper, squealing about everything and singing loudly as though everything else doesn't matter anymore, but the other second I'll be completely depressed, not speaking, wishing that I can smash everything and kill everyone but I'm too lazy and tired to so I'm just sitting there feeling 100% miserable. Argh what's wrong with me?? I'm going mad soon hahahahaha!
Having the urge to mention a few of my JC friends now, so just bear with it for a while if any of you is sincerely reading this, I swear this post's gonna finish soon!!! Someday I'm gonna rob Yunlu's stuff and cosplay just to take some photos to use as my Facebook profile photo, I'm already excited just thinking about it! ;DD It's kinda sad too, because even though me, Mandy and Yunlu likes Jap culture but we listen to completely different genre of jap songs - why?! ...Yunlu and her emo/heavy rock scares me ._. Xinyun's like a super good girl in my eyes, she picks up litter to throw and always do her homework, so it surprised me when I heard her say "fuck", ha! Then, crazy fangirl Ng Weiyan, always that mad and hyper about David Archuleta, enjoys listening to her fangirling about him and how she had met and even talk to him (OMGOMGOMG COOL ISN'T IT!?!?!11!1) - damn cool man I'm starting to like David Archuleta more now! 11A02 people's really an awesome bunch - once a saint, always a saint!!:)
...And now my dad's telling me that by using too much of computer, it'll cause me to cough even more, what the..?

By the way, cross country last week @ECP!:) Had bowling with class after that and I played two rounds, I was reeeeally lousy the first time and scored only like 20+ out of 100 points but scored 75/100 the second time round! *proud*