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Sunday, February 20, 2011 6:41 AM
Unicorns over at the end of a rainbow

Have been kinda pissed with the slow internet these days, it makes me feel like smashing my computer, but I won't because I love it too much at the same time... Oh the awkward relationship I have with my computer -o- Can anybody tell me what on earth is going on!?
For once it'll be a photo-less post! Yea I know I've been flooding my blog with photos these days, kinda messy, yikes. I won't be blogging everyday from now on too.. even though I want to write down how my day goes everyday for myself to read in the future, I can't anymore.
Guess I've gotta start focusing on my studies more instead of spending so much time on the computer - it's the same everytime, once I get my hands on the comp I won't be able to get off it for the next few hours, terrible huh? Why am I such an internet addict? Since I'm in JC1 now, I MUST stop being such a slacker who keep neglecting her studies and who's constantly dozing off or not paying attention in classes. I was such a horrible student that I felt bad for the teachers and the schools who ever have me as a student.. I was rarely hardworking at all :( Or maybe I should have go to a poly? Oh crap what am I talking about... since I'm already in a junior college, a path which I had somehow chosen - whether in a confused state or not - so I'm stuck with it. As SAJC always tell us, "no one is here by chance", so it's fate that I'm supposed to be a student there?:) I don't really regret going to SAJC, except during mornings when I have to wake up super, super early just to get to school on time, there's not a single moment I don't pray for my school to magically switch its location with JJC (yes, JJC's like, a stone throw away from my house? -o-) Other than the distance, I don't really have much to complain anymore (me sleeping in classes is purely my own problem, not the school's, plus the stupid trainings for choir that makes me have to go back to school on Saturdays is due to SYF argh), because I love my school, tee hee. I'm lucky to have make new friends who are nice. :)
And so! There was choir yesterday, thought that there will be intensive physical training blah blah blah, was baffled when I realized that we'll only be playing stupid games that doesn't even make me sweat as much as I had expected to, gahhhhh. Luckily there's Jerlin, if not I would have been emo-ing in one corner, hope she don't go to table tennis and leave me all alone, because I hate being the emo kid :| Choir released us at 1pm plus, went to Plaza Sing with Jerlin after that for lunch! Walked around the plaza and discovered that there's actually plenty of shops selling interesting stuff there, why didn't I notice those shops before!? I wish that I'm richer and could afford ALL the awesome and cool stuff, zzz.
There's really nothing today, only went to the library to pay my fines and borrowed two books before I went back home again, haha ._. Lots of homework not done and tomorrow's Monday already.. NO!!! Why can't somebody help me extend weekend???