hi this is a personal blog and i update it whenever i want, whenever i have things to blog about.

a pokemon master. love good food, design and singing. can be kinda dramatic at times [inserts lots of coughing]

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Friday, April 22, 2011 8:01 AM
I'm going left, but why are you going right?

Feeling like changing my blog's layout.. having the urge to try artsy stuff, but I'm lazy :\

Went out with awesome peeps on a happy Good Friday!:D
Jiesi told us a secret technique of her mum's - putting two spoons in the freezer at night and taking it out the next morning to put them against her closing eyes to reduce panda eyes? I'm not sure if it's really gonna work or not, are the spoons gonna end up sticking to my eyes forever?! Hmmm gonna experiment slowly first, bit by bit :B Hope it works!