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Thursday, April 21, 2011 8:40 AM
Once in a bluemoon

Okay I'm so freaking tired, gonna edit my post tomorrow, gotta sleep for now!:D
I looked so.. fierce?
That's what Sarah and Yiying told me HAHAHAHAHA - was just trying to give my normal expression-less face ._.

Can't believe that I caught Justin Bieber's movie :!
Note: I'm not a Belieber nor am I a hater - I'm just neutral with him.
Heard from Yingqi that it's rather good so I told Yifan and we ended up watching it, didn't know that it's somehow like his documentary though - yea yea we're dumb, ikr. It's pretty cool that Justin Bieber's so freaking famous and successful. Even though he has countless haters, he still have a few millions of fangirls who are behind him and supporting him all the way, how touching... The movie even showed how talented he is, playing the guitar quite well when he looked like he was only about 10 years old? The movie's okay, and I have to emphasize for another time that I'M NOT A BELIEBER, BUT NOT A HATER EITHER, before saying how I feel that the movie's some sort of propaganda to get more fans for Bieber, since it kept showing me how good he is, blah blah blah. I was like, "wut??" when some fangirl in the cinema squealed at some scenes, LMAO. The movie's so big shot that you can spot its poster almost everywhere, on pillars in malls, etc and even its trailer above the hand-dryer auto-showing when you use it in the public toilets.. o_o All I can say is that.. woah, publicizing team, you're really good at publicizing Bieber's movie!
The Fanadora got stuck at some shop called Mini-something (can't remember) for almost forever, spent over thirty bucks there cuz she bought tons of accessories - the shop has lots of awesome treasures! *__* Once again, I've witness a shopaholic's power, yay.
Took a bus home from Orchard later at night - 50 bus stops can you guys believe it HAHAHAHA I'm such a pro ;)

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