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Friday, April 15, 2011 8:06 AM
I need some sweet meds

I'm sick today! :(
Wasn't feeling well yesterday after eating some mushroom for dinner - I think I got poisoned! My head was feeling super heavy and I even vomited (sorry for tmi!), totally disgusted with myself. Those mushrooms were the suckiest mushrooms I've ever tasted in my entire life too! My mind's constantly reminding me of how they smelled like and and everytime I think about them, my stomach lurches. Ewww.
Well, that's why I wasn't in school today. Spent my day sleeping and lying in bed like a pig, I was too giddy to get up, argh. Went to see the doc with dad and mum accompanying me (omg when's the last time I had both my parents going to doc with me?!) in the morning, ate the meds and I'm feeling a bit better now, which is why I have the energy to get up and use the computer :D
Hate missing school though, wonder what happened today! Hop I didn't miss out much :(

Why can't you be by my side when I need somebody?