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Monday, April 11, 2011 6:44 AM
Sinking deep in your eyes

IT'S MONDAY, PEOPLE! IT'S MONDAY! MONDAY IS ALWAYS SO FREAKING AWESOME DON'T YOU JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE MONDAY TO THE VERY MAXIMUM?! I'm always looking forward to Mondays, I wonder who made up the phrase "Monday blues" - because it's so not true. Monday is definitely the best day of the week, don't you guys agree? First day of school of a new, fresh week, singing school song during assembly, dragging your tired body back into school routine again, getting scolded for not doing your homework over the weekend...
Haha please ignore that lame paragraph above! Yep I'm going insane soon, pretty much there already! Monday is SO not the best day of the week, it's the worst. ARGH. Especially for those of us (e.g. me!) who has a long timetable for school. School ended at 5.30pm for me today and at 6.30pm for those who takes Literature, how sad. Since my home's a long way from school, I reached home at only 7pm, pathetic huh? And it's totally embarrassing when you fall asleep while standing in the middle of the train, holding the pole and practically knocking your head into people standing near you (it's a VERY crowded train by the way). I'm a public danger, LMAO.
There's PE lesson today! Well, actually I always like having PE lessons, except for the part when we have to run - not that I hate running, but I really suck at it and it seems like no matter how much I try I just can't improve :'( Played soccer today though, hahaha there's always laughters when playing games during PE with my class, without fail! Thanks to all those laughing I was freaking exhausted, but it's cool I guess :) Well, when you laugh you use your stomach muscle isn't it, which means if you keep laughing often you may eventually lose your tummy and gain abs? Just a weird theory of mine XDD
Had plenty of break today too, firstly a 2hour break, followed by a Physics lessons, then another break which has a duration of 2.5 hour, what a serious waste of time isn't it! Went out to eat at KFC (we just can't resist its temptation, OH NO) with Weiyan and Yunlu, then slacked at the school's library where I continue reading the tattered copy of The Lovely Bones - the book's freaking awesome I actually cried!

Picture of the day (lousy attempt at trying to spice up this wordy post, haha): Yunlu/Chunli's new pencil case! Kawaii much, just definitely not my type. Well it WILL be my type if I'm a 5-year-old :)