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Tuesday, May 17, 2011 2:05 AM
I'm right here


Okay I'm definitely sick of this layout already. SICK SICK SICK IT'S TOO, IDK, BLAAAH.
So? I'm too lazy to make a new layout for now! Yikes.

Well I guess it's happy Vesak Day today! Erm, yay, hooray, awesome. So what am I doing on this awesome day? Sitting in front of the computer at home like a boss! OMG I have no life, spam read Yanmega (it's a fantabulous manga fyi) and had finished the latest chapter available on the internet already - chapter 210! I'm kinda addicted already, slept at 5am because of it omg and cried ten thousand times when the characters are all having fun because I'M JUST SO FREAKING HAPPY FOR THEM ALL TO BE TOGETHER AS AWESOME FRIENDS AHJFHSJKDJAS T-T
Okay maybe you should ignore that part. I'm mad. Yea. :(
It's has been quite some time since I last had a lengthy post, the last time I wanted to rant was on 13th May, ya know, the day Blogger sort of crashed? How idiot is this, just when I had soooo much to yak about and I an't blog about it and had to simply swallow all the fire I was about to let out? NOT GOOD. 13th Friday May is definitely NOT a good day for me, even Twitter abandoned me! Only Tumblr stayed by my side *creyz*
I'm such a geek too - salivating at awesome stuff on those resource sites. TSK. Okay I'm just blogging about random stuff because I've been blogging crap these days and spamming photos - I'm lazy - sorry blog :(

Watched Beastly! It's not bad luh, the guy (of course I noticed the guy, as if I'll notice Vanessa Hudgens - gah I'm not interested in girls) lead is cute :D Even though he got disfigured by Mary-kate Olsen he's still handsome *O* Well actually he wasn't even really that ugly after getting disfigured! In fact, I find those scars on his body rather cool, I mean, they seemed artistic, don't they? Okay, maybe "amateurly artistic" luh but whatever - it's not everyday that you have pictures of white roses blooming on your hand, isn't it?
Well in all, the movie's not bad, but it's not really that good either. Maybe a 6.5 stars out of 10? I like the scars best. HEH.

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