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Saturday, May 7, 2011 12:28 PM
Watch me dancing in the spotlight

Went out with Qiaofen today! I woke up at like, 1.30pm so I was superrrr late x_x
Walked around, talked a lot - yea since we're in different schools now we have lots to talk about, ha XD And thanks to qf for the melon hi-chew sweets from Japan! *O* I bought a cube necklace from fourskin @The Heeren too, the cashier was so cute I said thank you to him instead of the other way around, TEEHEE :D
After some trouble, we finally found The Cathay and watched Thor at 9.40pm! Quite late, the movie ended at like, 11.30pm or so and I was worried that we won't be able to catch the last train/bus, yikes. But luckily I caught the last bus so I'm safely home now :) Too bad qf has to walk home from the MRT station after that! D:
ANYWAY. About the movie. Basically I didn't had any intention to watch Thor at all. But since qf has free tickets from her sister who decided that she couldn't make it for the movie the last minute, so why not?! The movie turned out to be freaking awesome omg at first I was like, chey why is the guy so dumb but I ended up going gaga over him haha. THOR IS SO FREAKING CUTE WHEN HE SMILES *MELTINGZZ* I guess I was quite noisy during the movie - screaming, saying "wts, bastard, damn you lar, yay, omg" and even "fuck" - yes I was that into the show, HAHA XD
I had an awesome day!:D

I looked retarded playing with those hats at Uniqlo -.-


Guitar ensemble concert @ACJC today! Didn't go but I'm sure Jiesi they all did well :D
Going for their dance concert next month though to support my awesome friends!

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