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Friday, May 6, 2011 8:15 AM

Half day of school today, us saints were all released at 12pm, happy~ But before we got released, the school definitely must have a go at torturing us first, so I had Math test on Regression and Correlation and Binomial distribution without even studying the previous day.. fingers crossed :X Well at least I can answer all questions, woots :D I guess Weiyan's the saddest cuz she did three tests today: econs (re-taking cuz she's off for badminton match the previous time we had it), math and chem (BUT I DON'T TAKE CHEM SO NO CHEM TEST FOR ME YAY) Sad isn't it, just blogging about this because I think it's really epic having three tests in just half day of school, heh.
Since Yifan "abandoned" me for her class after school for lunch, I was alone (MISERABLEGIRL1994!) So I wandered around the school, end up bumping into Sarah and Shaun so I went to NEX with them - we're a bunch of sad kids with nothing else to do. And so I was like, mentioning that I've never eaten Sogurt before and somehow we end up going to NEX for it, TEEHEE. It turned out awesome I love my red velvet cake flavoured yogurt *O*


The one at top-left hand corner's Sarah's; messy mushed up one belongs to Shaun HAHAHA

Visited the pet's store afterward, could you believe that we actually spent one whole hour there?!?!?!?!!! At first we were just on the first floor for the shop looking at those guinea pigs - there's one that looks like a pig! Sarah said it's some naked molerat but idek ._. Didn't know that the shop has a second floor until they led me up and I was quite surprised, because there's actually dogs AHSJKDHSKJHFKDKGSLJFLK THEY'RE FREAKING CUTE CAN OMGZZZ.
There's a terrier and a chihuahua who share the same birthday as me, cool huh!;) We end up spending over 40 minutes watching some big white fluffy dog in the room wandering around waiting for his turn to get his haircut and bathe - it's the cutest omg ha it escaped from the cage itself and even peed on the floor in the room (luckily I'm outside :X) Even so, it's cute because it's constantly wandering around the room smelling other dogs' leftover furs HAHAHA omg I would have hug him if I'm not scared of dogs T-T
We bored kids walked around some more and decided to go to Junction 8 and so we traveled again. There's not much there anyway. I just sat there looking while Sarah and Shaun had their lunch (wasn't really hungry so.. yea) Heard about things that I didn't know too - yes I was always soooooooooo ALERT in class hor :D Shaun left to find his girlfriend afterwards and so it's just me and Sarah walking around aimlessly at Junction 8, LMAO. Well at least she's enthu to tell me about *somebody* - coughzzzz. HEH :D

Met up with Javan (the sexy dumb guy HAHAHA) at Clementi after that where he treated me to KOI - yay yay yay yay yay ice cream milk tea!^^ Couldn't help but stare at his *awesome* pair of converse which are peachy pink in colour, because I have a feeling that it'll suits me more than it suits him MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh wait but I want Vans. Sigh.
I was so awesome he even cried! Okay he teared because he choked on his burger, but oh well I'm still awesome don't you agree :D Walked around the mall - THOSE CHIO IN-EARS AT THE CHALLENGER OMG I LOVE THAT STORE!!! The stupid guy was so shydumb that he didn't even want to camwhore with me. Broke my fragile heart, tsk didn't know he hate me so much, sobz :(

But anyway. Thanks to these awesome people that I had a nice day out even though it's a school day!:D:D:D


Oops sorry for the scare..
Took this photo last week, I looked weak and tired, didn't I? ;__;