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Thursday, May 5, 2011 8:48 AM
What is life, oh man

Group photo for class bbq :)

This few days seriously suck, school's so freaking busy that I'm sorry that I can't reply those tags now, argh. School's getting more and more insane, awesome isn't it tskkkk.
I'm so tired these days my mind just float along with the crowd, I simply have no idea what on earth I'm actually doing more than half the way and I'm always falling asleep on bus too (actually it's quite awesome to fall asleep on bus, one of the few chances I actually get some sleep zomfg). Lucky for me, there's only half day of school tomorrow thanks to election, so we'll all be released at 12pm, TOTALLY WUUUUUNDERFUL. No school on Monday too, and again it's due to elections, wheeee elections are so nice that they decided to use junior colleges as polling stations :D No school = more sleep = won't gain so much weight = gain energy = study better!
I was rather disappointed with myself today, couldn't do standing broad jump properly, argh I don't know what's happening to me. It's like, my best station for NAPFA and normally I can reach 200cm but today I'm only at about 170cm plus. I was shaking all over (well.. sort of) and I guess I just lost my confidence to jump far? I mean, I think I'm worried that I won't be able to jump that far anymore. Everytime I jump people will be kind of like "OMG PuiLing you can reach 2 metres!" It used to boost my confidence but now I feel like just a pile of, I don't even know, mess??? Now I'll start to get really nervous before jumping and can't even jump well anymore. What's happening to me argh why am I so scared? 2 metres seems damn far to me all of a sudden, argh FML. If my phobia for not being able to do well continues, I'm so going to be in deep shit man, tsk.
Might be quitting choir and joining guitar club or drama or something. Argh I'm so confused now Jerlin keep brainwashing me to join guitar LMAO omg T-T
Well actually I have more stuff to blog about but I just can't remember anything now. My mind's blocked OMG I NEED SLEEP. TIME TO EVACUATE AND SLEEEEEP BABES BYE