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Tuesday, May 24, 2011 9:20 AM
You, are selfish

Jose Marti once said that a selfish man is a thief.
Well, to me, selfish is one of the worst trait a human being can have. Being selfish only benefits you, you, you, you and yourself, because by being selfish, you're only concerned about the welfare of you and only YOU. Sure, be excessively concerned about yourself will do good for you, but nothing good for people around you. Can't you see that you're hurting people around you by being selfish? No, I'm not targeting anyone out there. I'm serious.
A friend of mine had once asked me what I think about human not being able to be satisfied with what they already have and I was like, yea feeling that way is kind of unreasonable, but isn't that what motivates us to do even better in life? If you're satisfied with what you already have, you'll have lesser motivation to do better right? Imagine a world without light bulbs and all those inventions that benefit us a lot today!
Apparently I managed to convince my friend that being not satisfied has its good points too and he shoots another question almost immediately. "What about being selfish?" I was caught speechless by that. Yea, what about being selfish? It only benefits the person himself or herself, I don't really see how being selfish can do good to others out there.
Anyway. Personally, I feel that everyone is selfish, whether you're a bit selfish or VERY selfish, does it make a difference? Well, I'm selfish too, in some ways, yeah. Somehow, we can't really help it sometimes.
For example, it really angers me when people at the back of the bus don't wanna move in and people still standing at the bus stop can't board the dumbass bus. Early in every single freaking morning we're all rushing to get to school/work on time and some selfish morons just chose to be some sort of human obstacles to block everyone's path. I don't see how fun that is, hindering people's way and dragging the amount of time that the bus driver has to stop his bus in front of the bus stop. Oh come on, time is precious, all those people have to do is just MOVE IN and everything will be fine and peaceful - you won't have to hear some random auntie/uncle scold vulgarities in dialect then just because they're pissed at people not moving in (yes, I'm pissed with them for scolding vulgarities early in the morning too - it spoils my mood! Grrr) So erm yea, what I'm trying to say is, please people (pretty multiply by a gazillion) - MOVE IN WHEN YOU'RE ON BUS DURING PEAK HOURS! ...#justsaying
How is a selfish man a thief then? This reminds me in situations when the government is corrupted or something and decided to increase the tax for everyone and use those money for their own benefits instead of putting those hard-earn money to good use that can help everyone.
So many selfish people in this world. Stop thinking about yourself only, please spare a thought for others too, thank you very much. Yes, I was telling myself that too, because I'm just another normal, selfish being.

Just some thoughts that I've been wanting to rant about since a thousand years ago, oops sorry for a wordy post!
p.s. this is NOT an essay - there's no proper structure at all, it's just a personal blog entry with tons of grammar mistakes hahaha