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Thursday, May 26, 2011 8:34 AM

This song, basically describe my feelings, my love, for school :)

School was short today but sucked, I'm so gonna flunk my human geography paper because my hand was so stiff early in the morning I wrote freaking slowly and hence I couldn't finish the paper #fail :'( ARGH WHY DID I WRITE SO SLOW WHY WHY WHYYYYY. There's too many information for us to memorise too, sigh. I love geog, but I totally hate it when it comes to taking geog exam papers! Went to Coronation Plaza with Yanz and Mandy after that to eat Sogurt<3 I hate myself for spending money on food and only food, always food. Sigh I just can't resist their temptations!

Oh yea, changed my layout. Will edit it further in the future I guess. The reason to why I'm so desperate for a new layout is because I'm totally sick and disgusted with the previous one already. Gah. (sorry to it but no offence)
Having GP paper tomorrow. Yay.

OH AND I PASSED MY NAPFA!!! GOT A SILVER RAN 16:24 FOR MY 2.4 OMG OMG OMG MUST SHARE THIS ON MY BLOG *TEARS OF JOY* - I wasn't that good at sports, that's why I'm so happy getting a noob score, but hey, I passed! :D

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