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Monday, July 4, 2011 9:27 AM
Just gonna stand there and watch me burnnnnn

This very scene made me burst out laughing like a retard because I totally never expect it. First time seeing Neji (my hot Neji *O*) looking like a joke - NOW, that's something new, definitely! They're so cute in the green suits hahaha #naruto I'm at episode 200 already, finishing Naruto soon and I'll be moving on to Shippuden - FINALLY.
Went to Sentosa with 11A02 peeps today! The sun was burning, I mean, literally BURNING. Everyone was melting. Everytime you step out from the shade you'll have to risk getting burnt, I could really feel the sun shooting its "laser beam" into my arms! OUCH! Did random stuff today, played around with the frisbee, see people getting buried and slacking under the shelter (god bless the shelter, if it wasn't for its existence I would be a puddle of, erm, flesh now *shudders at thought omg eww*)
I got a bit more tanner though, but not sunburn. Wait... I can smell my arms burning right now and they're kinda red. Does red = sunburn? Isn't sunburn supposed to hurt? Because I'm not hurting :\ (noob here who never got sunburnt before :D)
Photos another day - gotta wait for Jeremy to upload them on Facebook!

Can't believe that there's school tomorrow. MAJOR SHITZ.