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Tuesday, July 5, 2011 9:43 AM
Those who work hard will eventually surpass the genius

You gotta listen to them if you haven't... because they're awesome! It's a mashup of The Script's For The First Time and The Man Who Can't be Moved. Saw Weiyan tweeting the link of this youtube video one day and clicked on it, didn't know that it'll be so awesome 8D Okay the vid's like from 6th of March, 4 months ago, but who cares haha I'm gonna share this just because they're good :)

It was kinda like the first day of school yesterday because I had exams the previous week and Youth Day on Monday, so there's no school actually, yay! New timetable... and new econs teacher. Hmmm I guess he's kinda good, he sounds good, because he seems strict and demanding, which will probably motivate me and my lazyass to do some work haha. Guess I can't really slack off much for econs from now onward (OH NO!)
Got my human geog paper back today. TOTALLY SCREWED UP DOWN LEFT AND RIGHT ALL THE WAY OH GOD. Praying hard for other subjects... x_x

Oh and new layout, heh.

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