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Sunday, July 3, 2011 10:27 AM
Monte Carlo... and Selena Gomez


Anyway. Right after my last screwed up paper of the common test, went to watch Monte Carlo at Suntec City Mall with Jiesi, Qiaofen and Jialin! Didn't really want to watch it at first because I don't really like Selena Gomez. OH WAIT WAIT WAIT CHOTTO MATTE KUDASAI! I don't like her, personally, but I have to admit that she's talented, which means I'm NOT bashing her. Chill Selena fans (idek what they're called...) (if they're even reading this or anyone of my friends are secretly or openly infatuated with her). Her songs are nice, I listen to them! (So, chill yea, just voicing out how I feel since this is MY blog, hi)
Oh yea, about Monte Carlo. It's not bad in general. Kinda typical though. I mean, finding somebody famous who looks exactly like you and then pretending that you're that person AND THEN enjoying your that person's life AND THEN getting found out AND THEN the guy who likes you hate being lied to and ran away AND THEN one fine day the both of you meet each other again and decide to get back together. AND THEN (sorry but I just have to add another "AND THEN") HALLELUJAH, HAPPY ENDING! TADAH! You know what I mean, baby.
Despite the movie being typical, it's funny. Yes, thumbs up for it making me laugh like an idiot several times (the awkward moment when you're the only person in the cinema who laughs... okay that's another story) Monte Carlo's a good movie if all you wanna do is to just chill out and laugh and daydream about how your life can be fairytale-ish too. I gotta say I like Selena Gomez's Italian accent (or issit Spanish I can't quite remember it well) - very cool, and maybe sexy hahaha. She pulled off the part for being a spoilt brat quite well! :)
AND. The policemen in the movie are obviously DUMB, no offence. Cordelia called them up to catch Grace and her friends for impersonating her and whatever crime they committed (like, wearing her clothes and using her room?) and they were all chasing her and her friends... oh wait and they heard her sad story in the end and decided not to catch her anymore? HELLO PEOPLE, IMPERSONATION IS A HUGE CRIME. NO WAY ARE YOU GETTING AWAY WITH IT IN THE REAL WORLD. Oh yea, they didn't get caught because it's just a movie. Yea. That's the funniest thing about that movie hahaha.
It's a good thing that Cory Monteith is in the movie too, he's cute! Well, even though he don't really have a huge part to play. Heh.

Read about this somewhere, apparently the ending of this movie was shown in its trailer already? LIKE WHUUUUT, who shows the ending of a movie in its trailer? Doesn't this spoils surprise? Lucky I never watch the trailer before, I went to watch the movie without a single idea what it's gonna be about, yea that's the best way to watch a movie!
Sorry for all the criticism, but the movie isn't crap though. It makes me like Selena a tinsy bitsy more that I even start listening to her songs. For those who wanna watch the movie but haven't... THIS POST IS A HUGE SPOILER FOR YA YOU SHOULDN'T BE READING HAHAHAHA. And those who watched... don't you agree with me :D