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Friday, September 16, 2011 12:24 PM
All about a bad dream

Maybe you won't read this post. Because you're lazy and the post seems long. You're so ignorant. We can all be so ignorant and selfish. Admit it.

I want to do a blog post on traditions and all those stuff because it seems kinda interesting, as to what we're currently learning for GP in school with the topic - east vs west. And so I decided to google more on traditions about women having sharpen teeth and even fgm (I don't dare to research on fgm because I don't want to get nightmares) in tribes because my GP teacher told us about it.
As I started clicking links and links, I read more and more stuff that totally sickens me and now I feel like puking. I'm dead serious. I'm currently having a huge headache and I can't really think properly because I feel like I'm going to faint (yes, I'm not trying to be funny) @ 2.27am omg. Didn't know I'll come across so much information that scare the hell out of me. I can feel my stomach churning. Maybe I'm hungry, I don't know, but definitely not in the mood for food - the mere thought of those creepy traditions which totally violates human rights makes me feel like throwing my breakfast and those mooncakes that I ate today up. GAH. Okay I only research within the area on women, some of the things scare me so much I think I'm going to throw up my future meals too. Didn't check up much stuff about men, but I don't think they'll do much to men, because males are viewed as a more superior kind then females in traditions.

Anyway, enough about me and my feelings. Let me see. Teeth sharpening. One of place it happens in is Mentawai tribe from Indonesia. You know how some people have those vampire teeth on each side around the corners of their rows of teeth? (haha i have them too - quite sharp, watch out!) Yea, the women there have their front teeth sharpen because it's a form of beauty to them, like those wild animals out there. Well actually I think this still sounds okay. But some of my classmates went like "yucks, eww this is so disgusting yucks yucks yucks" I feel like asking them to stfu and stop being so childish. Why I find it okay is because different people have different views on how beauty should be, just like how in our general society we see women with a great figure (a.k.a. big boobs nice butts = curvy body blah blah blah) and guys with a strong built as a form of good-looking. This is still okay.

Bet you guys already know about "giraffe" women? Yes, they're Kayan Lahwi women of those Kayan people who practice having neck rings to have elongated necks, starting from the age of about 2 to 5. This is also seen as another form of beauty whereby the neck rings place pressure on their shoulder blade to cause it to deform.
Another of one of the well-known traditions that causes deform is the foot binding. It happens in ancient China where it is known that 100% of the upperclass women have their feet bound which involves the crushing of their toes, bending the front part of their foot and then tying it against the back part of their foot, bounding their foot tightly after that. I was reading this entire article from wikipedia about it and every single detail freaks me out. Imagine the pain caused in the process. Infections happens, and their toenails eventually rot away. Ouch?! "Qing Dynasty sex manuals listed 48 different ways of playing with women's bound feet." - this, is what disgust me the most. Luckily, foot bounding is already ban, I cannot imagine myself living in a society whereby girls have their feet bound :(

FGM. Well like I said, I didn't do any research on it, but I watched a video on it. No, it didn't show how the thing went, if they're going to show I'm definitely not going to watch. The video only shows a little girl going through the process (some Africa country I think?) and she couldn't stop screaming to mum about being so so so much in pain. I almost cried. It hurts so much to hear somebody scream, the pain she's going through without any anesthetic or any painkillers shit, but I'm just sitting safely at home, all helpless and not able to do anything. This is the most cruel of all. Her screams are constantly echoing in my mind and it really scares me. :(

It's not the traditions that are in the wrong. It's human's perception of beauty and chastity.
It disgust me so much. Females definitely aren't any less superior or any more inferior than the males. Females are strong survivors. Don't think I'll be able to sleep well tonight. Sigh. Probably nobody will read this. What difference can I make by making this post anyway?