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Saturday, September 17, 2011 8:41 PM
The upcoming battle

...and what else is new??

Promos is just right around the corner, peeping at us J1 students like a pedo (ikr), plotting its great evil scheme trying to destroy us all. Seriously. OH I HATE YOU GO AWAY YOU PERV UNCLE. D: I need to start studying, argh. I'm like a pig who's forever procrastinating, I spent my free my playing iphone games, sleeping, doing random bullshit, talk, use the comp, watch tv or just simply lying on the bed doing n o t h i n g. LOL my life sounds so meaningless, wonderful isn't it. Spent the entire afternoon yesterday clearing up rubbish and arranging all my notes properly (I swear, my house looks tons neater now - it really used to look like a rubbish dump thanks to all those notes from school that's overflowing everywhere in the house). The sad thing is, most people are probably done with their revision (omg you insane muggers wait for meeeeee!) and I'm just ready to start. WHAT. IS. THISAIR.
Met YiFang yesterday night @West Mall for dinner to borrow some econs and math notes from her. I was so "efficient" LOL. Spent the whole time complaining about school and yak about traditions and history stuff ("I LOVE LOVE LOVE HISTORY!!!" Said the girl who don't take history a.k.a. ME) Oh and yay West Mall has the new Sogurt outlet NOW - it's opened already on the first floor near Mos Burger on the exterior of the mall, yay yay yay :D


I used to have a vocab book in primary school... found the remnants of it, omg I was so hardworking.