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Sunday, September 11, 2011 6:46 AM


Life is so complicated.
There's always two sides to everything, if not, a gazillion sides. Nothing's plain black or plain white, they said. But no, if you look at it from another point of view, things are actually black and white. Take the three primary colours - red, yellow and blue, spin them together and you'll get white, didn't we learn that in Physics class? Mix almost every colour you know together on your painting canvas and the colour that you'll get ultimately is black (duh.) White and black are a lot more complicated than we think.

But saying things aren't just black and white is only a saying, you'll say. Oh well this is only my point of view, either you agree or you agree, I don't care.

Here we're given a short life, why am I pondering over all these instead of relaxing and enjoying my short life? Idek. But seriously. Here's another aspect of life that I always think about: Things happen for a reason. Do they? Look at the 911 incident. Did it happened for a good reason? People who truly believe that things happen for a good reason will think that perhaps there's some problem with the buildings, maybe they're going to collapse sooner or later anyway and more people would have died then because it happens on a day with an event held there? Or maybe people who died are not going to contribute to the societies in the future? You think?
Life involves not only births, but deaths too. Oh yea we came to this world, aiming to make a difference, to have a great life.. and, die? Sounds fun! If you can't sense my sarcasm, you're probably dumb. We die so there won't be overpopulation in this world, we came to this world to die. If we keeps on living until god knows when, Earth will probably have no more space for us. AND, even long before there's no more space, we would have already used up all the resources available and we'll all just starve to death (which again, -we die eventually-) and can't support those technologies anymore because things like natural resources would have been all used up. Can you imagine a world like that? How horrible. Would you have any hope for a world like that?

Also, human beings. It's not life that's complicated. We, "innocent" humans are also the ones who destroy the world ourselves, we complicated things. They say, our brains are constantly improving, we're moving forward, people imagine the future filled with technologies, since we even have things like touch screens now, and many other things that are probably considered IMPOSSIBLE a few hundred years ago. We keep trying and trying, trying to improve our world, we know of no limits. We think we're oh-so-clever. Some of us are truly trying to make the world a better place to live in, while some of us just want to make money, the more the better. Everything is for money, every single thing they do - these people are the most ignorant. They don't care what they have to sacrifice, they simply don't give a single shit.
For money, many people can do almost anything. Oil spills that happened, air pollution from factories, and all those, blah blah blah "we couldn't help it". I CAN'T EVEN. WHAT IS AIR.

Life is full of lies, lies and lies. They can come in packs, cartons, boxes I don't care. They tell you that everything's gonna be okay when it's not, they tell you that you're pretty when you're not, they say you're good enough when you're not, all those actions just trying to make you feel better. Of course you'll feel better, don't you? BUT LET ME TELL YOU, THAT DOESN'T CHANGE A SINGLE THING.

And for once, I wish people can just put themselves in other people's shoes sometimes. Feel their pain. There's nothing we can do anyway, but I can feel your pain. Like I said, there's two sides to everything. For example, when you want to pay full attention in class and your classmates (those clique clique ones haha) decide to chit chat and talk and giggle among themselves, won't you feel irritated? How annoying is that, you'll think, and start complaining about it to your friends. But seriously, think about it first, has you ever not done that before? Are you sureeeeeee? Think again. There must have been times when your classmates are the ones who want to pay attention in class but you're there chit chatting with your friends and giggling over some funny crap which I probably don't give a damn to and blah blah blah and you notice some of your classmates shooting "evil" glances over at you and your friends. HOW IRONIC. It's so funny I can die from laughing, seriously.
People who thinks that what others are doing is bad but yet they're still doing it themselves? FUNNY. YOU GUYS ARE SO FUNNY I'M SERIOUSLY LAUGHING NOW. PLEASE LOOK AT YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CRITICIZE OTHERS. Okay, before some of you misunderstand, I am definitely NOT trying to educate you guys or whatever shit, just voicing out what I've had in mind for  freaking long time. For me, when I'm criticizing others, I think first. When it's necessary, I put myself and those idiots into one group and criticize everyone together, including myself. When it's not and I realize that I'm doing something bad too I'll just keep my mouth shut and watch as other male idiots try to criticize others when in fact, they're scolding themselves. How lame. Now think about it. IDEK.

You think you're mature? No you aren't We are always less mature than we think we are. I'm still so naive.
But then again, maturity knows no age. Educators can be naive too, not only us teenagers. What I wrote may not sound convincing. I might even be laughing my heads off (let's hope not literally!) in the future while reading this post, thinking how childish and narrow-minded I am. Maybe I'm just thinking too much. But I'm trying to vent - in a nonsensical way, whoops. I've made quite a lot grammar mistakes too, I know. Go ahead laugh at me, trying to make a serious post but it turned out SO FUNNY THANKS TO MY DUMBNESS HA. HA. HA.

I'm just being blunt and pessimistic now. Wait until the optimistic side of me comes out. I'll be telling you guys how beautiful the world is, how we should love everyone, spread the love, blah blah blah. AND NOW THAT'S WHY I'M SAYING HOW EVERYTHING HAS TWO SIDES (OR MORE) TO THEM - I'm just letting my asdhjksfsdkfjghskjljdfkjl side take over for now as I'm typing all this bullshit which no one reads anyway :)