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Sunday, October 16, 2011 8:33 AM

One of the random events in my school recently. Tremor drill! HAHA.
Because sajc is only(?) school in Singapore that will experience tremors when there's an earthquake occurring in a neighbour-country, so "we have to prepare ourselves by having a tremor drill - just in case". Well it was quite cool considering the fact that our school is the only school doing this. It was during pw that the bell rang and announcements announcing how we should hide under the tables immediately due to "tremors occurring". It was kinda awkward because we just sat under the table feeling so ahsjdhsafdgsjfh cuz the table is too small hahaha. Had to gather in the school tracks as a school after that - it could have been fine with me BUT THE SUN WAS LITERALLY BURNING OMG WE WERE SWEATING LIKE MAAAAAAAD IT WAS RETARDED TO ALWAYS HAVE DRILLS UNDER THE BIG HOT SUN OMG. There were even police in school to guide us! :O
OH WELL but it was a cool experience :) Did it before in sec3 too when we were having geog lesson 8)

A fake crack pasted by the school on one of the walls LMAO.