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Tuesday, October 18, 2011 8:33 AM
Journey to the edge of the Earth

Had a reeeeeeeeeeeally tiring but cool day on Sunday! Travel all the way to SICC by foot - two hours of walking. IMAGINE IT. I almost died. Haha but it was a fun trip with whining and talking random crap with Angela and Qianying!^^ It's funny how we spent more time on the travelling than on the amount of time spent at SICC. Went to the bowling alley and played at the arcade. Oh yea I still suck at bowling (it's extremely EMBARRASSING D:) and I had my first time on playing the shooting game, you know those games whereby you have to use the fake gun and shoot off those enemies on the screen? I have no idea what you call them but well it was quite fun since it was my first time playing this and all that, and actually, using a gun can be so freaking tiring!!! My fingers were totally on the verge of breaking off - it must be hard to be a terrorist!! :\
Took a bus back to J8 with A and Qy after that and spent a freaking long time at Cotton On persuading qy to try that dress (she's shy! hehe) Oh well at least it was fun and by the end of the day, I am completely broke. Haha I need to learn how to save and stop getting tempted by food!!!