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Friday, October 7, 2011 8:46 PM
Harajuku Street Style Launch Event

Went to the Harajuku Street Style Launch Event @ Tangs yesterday evening with Mandy!
Got a $20 cash voucher and spent it on a super random necklace (oh god what was I thinking?!), watch the runway walk too and took lots of (blurry) photos haha! There were so many handsome guys and pretty girls among the models :) Saw Xiaxue, QiuQiu, TypicalBen and Chessie too haha even took photos with xiaxue and Ben, I felt like some dumbass fangirl lmao. Bought a pair of red canvas shoes, a bracelet (charm? what do you even call it), a necklace and some earrings too :)
[Photos credit to Mandy] [Some by me though haha]

Me & Mandy!

I'm such a pedo...

Xiaxue! I love her pink hair ^^

Ben! Haha he was kinda smiling awkwardly because it was the first day he's wearing his invisalign aligner but he still looks cute

Xiaxue with Mandy and I :)

Ben and I :)

Ben and Mandy :)

My cheese & potato cupcake!:D

Cheese & Potato cupcake and a Coffee-Choco one ^^


a goodie bag from purchasing at the event ^^

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