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Thursday, October 6, 2011 10:02 PM
I wander.

Yes, promos is finally over! After a few buckets full of my tears (from yawning way too much) and blood (hard work! - ya riiiight) I finally taste freedom!

Oh wait actually it sucked I didn't really study meh maybe I'm gonna get retained or some shit because I was placing my bets on Math but it turned out to be an assassin paper (because killer is NOT enough to describe that bullshit heartless liverless paper!!!) and it completely killed my tiny teeny hopes of getting promoted, gah. Seriously. I should have worked harder this year. OH WAIT WTH AM I EVEN TALKING ABOUT! I brought this upon myself you see. Yes I'm the best example for the negative impacts for not studying hard enough, not paying attention in classes, not doing my homework, and procrastinating all the way. Hooray PuiLing your "hard" work is paying off, wicked!
Yea -__-

Oh well what is over is already over, what's the point of brooding over such lame matters? *toss hair* But I'm just wondering, if I really do get retained, what should I do next? What is left for me? I'm a seriously dumb person who is SIMPLY EXISTING on this planet you call Earth. Nope I don't feel like I'm living at all! What is my ambitions? What am I good at? NOTHING! N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Oh yes welcome to MY life, hello there. I applied for jc because it seemed like it was the only path for me because if I didn't choose jc I don't know where else to go. Hmmm. I know right, I'm such a lousy person I know you find me annoying. Kinda.
Haha who's even reading this??

Never mind. Finished Myung Wol the Spy after promos finished! AHHHHHHH look at Eric (a.k.a. Kang woo in the drama), don't he look adorable in this scene? Well the show was quite draggy but it was nice - I love the plot!:) But well it was kinda dramatic and as usual, stuff that happens in this drama won't happen in reality (possibility percentage 0.1% THERE'S STILL CHANCE FOR YOUR HAPPILY EVER AFTER PEOPLE DON'T GIVE UP HAHAHA) Scenes like the hero coming at the very last second to save the damsel in distress was soooo typical but still, I like that haha. Andddd, the guy saving the gal on their wedding day just as the girl was about to get shot by a sniper hiding at some far-off roof of a tall building - he totally blocked off the shot and I was like wait, if he's able to sense danger approaching couldn't he have pushed her away instead and dodge it together? What's the problem with him? Now that's what you call slow reaction, my dears. Also, the scene whereby the girl in a car and it burst into huge fury flames and the guy just sat at a distance away from it and crying and moaning over her death. Shouldn't he have ran nearer to it or something and cry to see if they can still be saved? That would have made the drama ven more DRAMATIC and suitable for my taste, LMAO.
Well not that I'm really criticizing the drama ya know, I'm just saying. I really enjoyed the show huh - mostly thanks to Eric being over-adorable in the show, heh. Edited this image myself I know it sucks I was going crazy yesterday.