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Sunday, October 30, 2011 8:28 AM
No fluffy whatsoever

JP with Huien, my first friend in secondary school hahaha :) Yifan and Jiawan were supposed to join us or something but.. oh well, aww. Anyway, had a good chat with her, talked about stuff and realized that I've been living in my own world for the past four years, there were too much that I wasn't aware of. Well it wasn't the first time that I discover that I've been living in my own world anyway - but most of the things that happened don't even concern me so it doesn't really matter (well actually I think none of them concern me lol..), it's nice to be a listening ear though. It has been quite some time since I last went out with her, which was about last year before O's? Kinda sad because we're in different classes in upper sec and now that she's in poly and I'm in jc we don't really communicate much.
Well, hope we can have the chance to meet up more!^^

Before I end my post - just saw something that Mandy tweeted an article from National Geographic. It'll be funny if you know a guy with the name 'Javan', LOL. /Javan Rhino Extinct in Mainland Asia/