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Monday, October 31, 2011 2:13 AM
Movie: Summer Wars

Just finished watching Summer Wars! Totally didn't regret spending almost two hours watching it on my phone while lying on my bed haha. Downloaded it randomly quite some times ago from a random website which I can't even remember its url anymore onto my phone because I was craving for some movies or shows to watch.
Because the name of the movie don't really sound appealing to me - I mean, Summer Wars sounds like a movie about that shows what's happening to the people erm, during the wars? - so I actually had the file inside my phone rotting for quite a while already until today that I finally decided to give it a go. Boy, was I wrong! Okay I wasn't exactly wrong so it was kind of about wars also but it's definitely different from what you have in mind!

Summer Wars is a Japanese animation made in year 2009 (okay I'm watching this in 2011, two years later is not too slow right? heh.) Don't belittle it, I was so amazed by it right from the beginning until the end. Firstly, there's this virtual world called OZ whereby almost everyone's on it and you can have an account to shop, have jobs, blah blah blah so basically it's kinda like a second life... except that it's fake. Okay, so there's this math genius Kenji who's almost the representative for Japan's Math Olympics, was asked by his senpai, Natsuki, to go back to her home together for a summer "job". Turned out that she wants him to pretend to be her boyfriend and also, *gulp*, fiancé - because of her grandma's health condition and I think she wanted to cheer her up or something. Natsuki's family, the Jinnouchi clan had come together to celebrate the grandma's 90th birthday and on the first night of his stay there, Kenji received a mysterious text that contains an intriguing math problem and tried to solve it. Turns out that the solution to that math problem is the password to the system of OZ and because of the solution, the system got hacked by a Love Machine that tried to disrupt everything in that world and started messing around. Since everyone has an account in OZ, those who control stuff like the traffic system, water supply system etc has their account hacked too and everything was in a chaos and thus causing the virtual parallel world to finally clash with reality. With the Jinnouchi clan's effort together, they tried to erm "save the world", to put reality back in its order by fighting off the infection of the system.

Really love the movie - it was really unexpectedly nice because I've never really heard of it before and it's something really worth watching with all those awesome characters and all that. Sorry if I'm not making sense for the description part I typed out everything myself from memory so there might be a liiiiittle bit of error here and there (but I hope not :X)

Oh. Happy Halloween Day, btw!;)

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