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Thursday, October 20, 2011 10:36 PM
The Thing

Met up with Siyi at JP after school on Thursday and since we had nothing to do and I'm broke (:X) she treated me to a movie. Watched The Thing thinking that it will be cool kinda cool but it turned out to be totally gross and ahsjkdhkjadfhkjsdhkfh. Not saying that the movie isn't good, just that it grossed me out so much that I was on the verge of puking halfway during the movie in the cinema hahaha.
Didn't expect it to be so gross, but oh well. Anyway, it's about the finding of an alien buried under the sheets of ice in the harsh climate and the archaeologists or geographers or scientists (or whatever I can't remember what they are - one thing that I can confirm with you though: they are professionals hahaha) was really excited about the finding - I mean, IT'S FREAKING THE DISCOVERY OF THE CENTURY OH GOD WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO FIND AN ALIEN AGAIN?! And so blah blah blah they decided to dig that "thing" out and retrieved it properly with it still in some sort of ice cuboid thingy (it's kinda slightly bigger than your average human). Well the people were dumb, thinking that the alien was already dead and left it in a room and went off to have a celebration instead. Wth?! As what we've expected, the alien jumped out from the ice cuboid, all alive and kicking and started attacking all the living things that it can find (and yes, that includes the poor dog - it was so cute! D:) Quite a bit of gory (omg I just googled the word "gory" because I feel like it and the images that came out made my stomach flipped !@#$) with blood everywhere and the alien started infecting all those people around, turning them into one of "the thing" as well. So what do the rest do? BURN THE INFECTED PEOPLE BEFORE THEY CAN ATTACK THEM AND INFECT THEM TOO AHSJDHKJAHFKSHDFK. Oh godddddddddddd. I teared up at some point after witnessing the horrifying scenes of some of the characters being burned. Yikes.
That was the story. Oh yea. To prevent mankind from getting infected? Well how all the people got turned into an alien was kinda fascinating (and disgusting) too. It was kinda worth watching as some of them "exploded" and the alienic side of them burst out and they turned into full-form alien. Eww. But still interesting, really. However, this movie was quite forgettable for me (yep there wasn't a typo), even though it was scary and freaked me out by A LOT during the movie, I felt fine after it, didn't leave much a huge impression on me. Which is lar, in some sense, as I won't it to keep haunting me forever. It was something that only scares the hell out of me ONLY when I am watching, heh. BUT IT WAS REALLY GROSS SO IF YOU LOVE GROSS STUFF AND ALL THOSE GORY SHITS DO WATCH IT HAHAHA.

Me and sy were the only ones screaming throughout the entire movie - don't tell me, we were watching it with a bunch of super brave strangers?! How come we were the only ones screaming in horror anyway? That was... embarrassing, haha. Sy kept on screaming how we could have watched Paranormal Activity 3 instead of The Thing because she can stand ghosts better LOL.