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Sunday, October 23, 2011 9:52 AM
Things I want to do but probably will never get a chance to.

There are simply waaay too many things that I wish that I can do. Oh yea but Mr. Reality calls me up often to knock me out of my daydreams, awww. Even so, there are still times that I really want to do all these stuff, to experience life to the fullest (with the word 'experience' I actually mean having fun - well, what's life without having fun and enjoying yourself!??!!!! :D) Since I'm kind of an extremist I might sound over-ambitious in some of these...
  1. Bungee jumping. I mean, isn't it cool?! I don't have a fear for height, but I do get a little biiiiiiit scared sometimes on high-buildings and start wondering what will happen if the building suddenly collapse and alas, death will then be welcoming me with open arms? (okay sorry for sounding dramatic hahaha) Hmmm sounds like I have mild fear for height after all. But then again, I love experiencing dangerous stuff that requires me to pick up my entire courage to do it, omg imagine the thrill when you jump down the cliff!!! Mother Nature's welcoming you, woohoooooo! Just think how fun it will be, right that moment you're probably busy worrying about dying that you can just forget about all your other problems and clear your mind entirely. What I'll say is... SHIOK MAX!!!! XD Really wish that I'll get to try that once or twice in my life! :)
  2. Being a member of a band. When I say band, I don't mean those kind of concert band you have in school. I AM FREAKING TALKING ABOUT ROCK BANDS OR POPROCK BANDS ZOMFG KYAAAAAAAA. I really want to experience being in those kind of bands, whichever position will be okay with me. And all those headbanging on stage, heh. Lead singer, who gets to show off her voice to the entire world, who sings to enlighten the world blah blah blah. Guitarist/bassist, because strumming your guitar on stage is just so freaking cool while headbanging and have the crowd cheering for you! Keyboard, moving your fingers around while immersing yourself fully into the amazing music and in your own world - woahhhh (but I don't get keyboard/piano stuff at all, can't even play them to save my life, sadly :\). Lastly, drummer! As seen from most bands, the drummer's always sitting at the back on stage behind his band members with all his precious drums with him - WAIT, but that doesn't mean that he's insignificant! Drumming away, beating on your drums, creating the beat and rhythm for your band mates, beating all your troubles away, pushing all of them to the back of your mind... ARGH BUT I'LL NEVER GET THE CHANCE TO BE IN A BAND ANYWAY :(
  3. Dance. Yes you read that right (who's even reading hahaha), I mean daaaaaance. I kind of regret not picking dance as my CCA in primary school. Being the kind of person who simply can't sit still in her seat most of the time (of course I'm able to sit still sometimes, erm well when I'm in a bad mood, that is) I'll really love to know all those coolshit dance moves and dance in my room at home while blasting my favourite songs. HOW FUN IS IT?! :D Also, to be able to dance in grace - it's like being one with the music, expressing the deep meaning of a song with the dance moves without speaking a single word = woahhh. Even hip hop and bboy, being able to do all those difficult-looking moves after trainings after trainings, how satisfying is that? ^^
  4. Acting. Okay it's not like I haven't done that before, participated in two dramas before in primary school (oh seems like I had the most achievements in primary school? my sec sch and jc life are just... messes) I didn't have stage fright when I was younger, but it seems like as I grew up, I begin to be more and more aware of the crowd in front of me. I'm not entirely frightened, I'm just really excited to be standing in front a crowd that my stage fright got the better of me. Sorry if that doesn't make sense but yep I'm just saying~ Anyway! Won't it be fun to be able to act in a tv drama or something? Too bad I'm not good-looking or anything, who will want me? Heh and it's not like I have any confidence that I'll do well, after having experience in screwing up all my stage performances that include acting :(
  5. Singing - solo in front of a huge crowd. This has kinda always been my dream since young. Really. I don't know why but I really want to be able to sing my best in front of a crowd - I get goosebumps just from thinking about it because I'm over-excited, hehhhhh. That doesn't make sense but oh well hahaha. What is stopping me is my self-confidence and my looks. Meh who will want an ugly singer who can't even do makeup?! And what if my voice crack?! What if people boo at me?! What if, what if, what if... :\ I really miss those days when I was five and whenever I took trains I will sing with my younger sister loudly - yes, LOUDLY. How daring I was hahaha I was such a cute little kid (okay ignore you can ignore my self-compliment tyvm)
  6. Travel around the world. Like many, this is one of the things that I want to do. One of the places that I REEEEEALLY want to visit will be Egypt WHERE ALL THE BEAUTIFUL SPARKLING PYRAMIDS ARE!!! Okay they don't exactly sparkles (unlike Edward Cullen lmao) but they do in my fantasies! HOHOHO. Pyramids really amaze me, after reading all those stories about it, I sooo want to be able to go there one day and get my hands on them *O* Also, Statue of Liberty in New York! Looking down from it will be such an incredible thing... &Africa's Great Rift Valley - after reading about it after all these years during Geography lessons! And of course, Japan, after watching all those animes and jdramas and reading all those mangas I'll just loooove to visit there :):)
Okay I wanted to go on and on but I've come to realize that I've been typing this for such a long time that I'm starting to make no sense at all. So, that's all I guess. Heh. What a retarded post /wipe sweats