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Thursday, October 27, 2011 5:49 AM
Tangled and all choked up

I don't know how I feel anymore.
Maybe I'm just confusing myself, hmmm.

Has been busy for the past few days for PW - finally submitted the final draft for our written report and i&r today, it was a really chaotic day I swear my head's on the verge of exploding at some point. Heh actually I didn't do much. BUT STILL. PW IS A TIRING SUBJECT D; At least written report (which is going to take up 40% for pw alevel!!!) is done and now we are left with only oral presentation a.k.a. OP - which takes up 40% of the grand totally too! Urgh how frustrating. School is frustrating. JC is frustrating. Everything these days is frustrating. #teenageangst
Having written report over and done with, it's The BIG Day tomorrow. Normally it would have been a normal Friday. But know what, I'll be receiving back my promos (J1 finals) results. Just thinking about it makes me feel like running away from everything. Oh god. I knew it. I didn't work my ass off like what others had been doing, so I shouldn't be upset if I didn't get promoted to J2 right? But then again, I don't want to be left behind while all my friends get promoted and all that while I re-do my J1 year, as if 2011 hasn't been enough of a hell. The problem is, I have never really consider what I'll do if I really get retained in J1. COMPLETELY C L U E L E S S. Failure was never an option. I have zero idea on what I should do now.