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Friday, November 18, 2011 12:04 AM
Lovely Complex

#song Tegomass - Kimi + Boku = Love ?

*cough* Okay I know that I've mentioned in my previous post that I'm going to be late but I can't help but wants to blog about Lovely Complex after finish watching it a few days ago! It has become one of my all-time favourite shoujo anime ohohoho. Well I'm not entirely a shoujo-anime fan because I LOVE LIKE ALL GENRES (YAY ME YAY ANIMES FOREVER YAY YAY YAY SHOUNEN SHOUJO ROMANCE COMEDY EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF)

Erm, anyway. Lovely Complex really had me chasing after all the episodes all the way man! I was watching Kuroshitsuji at the same time too and half way through it (because it was so emo and melodramatic) I decided to watch a shoujo anime at the same time so that I can balance out hahaha. Picked LoveCom because I've heard a lot good things about it so yep I naturally have quite high expectation for it. Turns out that it rockshajksdhksjdhskhfkahk I ended up finishing it even before I finish Kuro ._. Love this anime because I'll laugh at least once for every episode - it's just way too freaking funny! Found it weird at first because of the exaggerated art and all that, I was like, wth is this man?! But as I continue watching, I got more and more engrossed because it was just so sweet and I want the main guy and girl to get together ASAP!!!!!!! Otani was freaking cute (even though he's short but omg love him) *O*

Well actually I'm not exactly all praise for this anime. I mean, erm, I love it, but there are some parts that really got on my nerves. Like, the main girl Koizumi Risa cried in like EVERY SINGLE EPISODE!!! GDI she cried like everyday until I almost felt like slapping her and asking her to calm her tits. Personally I'm quite an emotional too so I can quite understand how she feels but she's like a gazillion times more emotional than me and it gets really annoying when she starts to cry. She cried when Otani rejected her, cried when he rejected her again, cried while talking about it, cried when he talked to her, cried when he said that he likes her, cried when she saw Otani talking to his ex, cried because she's so worried about Otani. She really needs to stop crying :\ And I wonder why her eyes aren't all puffy and swollen (I'm soooo jealous because everytime after I cried I'll look like a mad woman!@#$)
BUT WELL OH WELL SHE GOT THE GUY IN THE END. But it's kinda ajsdhjkash that Otani doesn't seem to like her as much as she likes him. Love's unfair, isn't it? It's an awesome anime, showing how hard work and all that persistence for love can pay off in the end and lalala happily ever after. BUT it can never happen in real life. Hmm I shouldn't make it sound so extreme. Maybe there's still 1% chance that if you put in enough effort you might just get your love one day. Reality's way too unpredictable. Sucks huh.

Erm actually this post wasn't going to be all about LoveCom at first, wanted to blog about stuff in my life but once I started talking about this I just couldn't bring myself to stop, despite all the grammar mistakes HAHAHAHA. Till next time (hopefully tomorrow? and I hope I will have the motivation to reply tags soon T-T) :)

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