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Thursday, November 17, 2011 11:36 PM
Day 1: Ten random facts about yourself

  1. I'm weird. Like, seriously.
  2. I love salty food, enjoy adding extra salt to my fries and burgers and eggs. (but not that much or else it'll be really disgusting)
  3. I don't like myself.
  4. I don't lie (unless really necessary and it's nothing serious) but I tend to exaggerate a little sometimes (can't help but being dramatic, can I?)
  5. Even though I may seem like a pessimist sometimes, I'M TRULY AN OPTIMIST DEEP DOWN. You may see me panicking like shit but the truth is I'm actually telling myself that everything's gonna turn out fine in the end - I'm so optimistic it's starting to become a bad thing because I have way too high expectations for everything.
  6. I'm not good at showing how I really feel inside.
  7. I feel awkward being intimate with friends. Yes, even close friends. Oh well I'm born awkward. (unless you're someone closer than a friend, hmmm)
  8. I'm awkward around a friend's friend. Yea it's really weird but I'm more comfortable around strangers who do not have any mutual friends with me. Maybe because I don't want it to seem like I'm snatching somebody's friend away by being friendly. I don't really get why I automatically put a distance between myself and a friend's friend though. Well, unless that friend's being really friendly and tries to communicate with me.
  9. Being one hell of a stubborn person, I hate asking people for help because I think it makes me seem all helpless and dumbshit. I'll only ask for help when I'm reaching my limit. For example, like learning all those html codes stuff I'll rather figure it out by myself rather than ask around for help. The furthest I'll go is ask Google for help, haha. I love helping people though.
  10. No, I don't like conflicts. I hate conflicts. I hate being in a fight with someone.
Hey sorry for not blogging this few days I've been lazy and also for not replying all those tags flooding up my tagboard :(
I'm still having school and all those shits everything sucks because I'm already in holiday mode but I still have to go back to school for lessons! BUT HEY GOOD NEWS (well actually I don't know whether or not it's a good news, heh) I GOT PROMOTED TO J2. I didn't get retained! *tears of joy* Even so, I don't really deserve to get promoted, I guess. I've been slacking the whole year for 2011 and I barely scraped through promos, urgh. Oh well, I gotta put in extra effort next year than! I hope I have the motivation to work hard, sighhhhhh.

BY THE WAY. Because I didn't post anything for the past few days, I forgot to wish some people birthday on blog.
Firstly, happy birthday to Jerlin whose birthday was on 14th November, stay happy and cheery girl and all the best for everything, hehe :D We need to stop ponning cca and turn up for practices! And STOP talking about quitting T-T
Second, happy birthday to Javan whose birthday was on 15th November. Hmmm happy birthday sucker stay happy and healthy! Thanks for being, well, a nice friend. Oh and thanks for helping with my econs paper the day before it, haha. All the best with everything for you too ^^
Third, happy birthday to CK whose birthday was on 16th November, stay happy too for my first ever cyber friend. I'm happy that we're still friends after all these years even though we've never meet. But now he's so freaking old I can't even keep track of his age already hahaha. :X

There's 99% chance that they may never read this but yea I still want to wish them a happy birthday and a great year for the coming 2012 :)

Okay gotta go I'm late for 4E1'10 bbq soon! Shall blog another time about A02's bbq that was on Monday :)

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