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Monday, November 21, 2011 8:34 AM
Project Work: Sayonara

Was done with PW for quite some time already (one week?) and finally I feel like talking about it.

It's not that much of an important thing in my life, but even so, I feel like I should somehow blog about it, after how it has tormented me throughout the year.

I vaguely remember the day when we were put into our pw groups. It was a fine day (okay maybe not that fine I forgot about it already anyway hahaha we were in the computer lab) and so I was placed into the same group as Anthony, Yuhui, Angela and Weiyan. I was wondering how the hell we are all in the same group, since we're all sort of like slackers and those kind who rarely have the motivation to finish our work on time - it must be a mistake, somehow!

Despite that, we managed to work things out. (yea right we barely scrape through the due dates for our work) I'm such a lazy person I didn't really put in much effort for group work stuff - that is, until OP when I kinda volunteered to edit the slides and stuff which eventually led to me neglecting my sleep but yep that's another story (short one but I can't be bothered to go into all those lame details) We almost never hand up our work on time but everything seemed to turn out fine in the end, it's just unbelievable because with the amount of effort we had put in, I thought we're gonna die or something and flunk our pw haha. Everytime I go on to Twitter I'll see other people from tweeting about how their group's trying sooo hard to score well for pw blah blah blah doing pilot testing etc while I was just sitting at home rotting and doing nothing at all.

I feel guilty. But I'm lazy.

Okay lol I know I suck. That was even a number of times when I got pissed at a particular group member. I'm sure that has happened to all of us before huh? It's kind of difficult not to get frustrated with all those constant pressuring from Mr Yoong :\

Oh well it'll be weird if we do get an A or something (if you're wondering I'm talking about the 5% chance for us to get an A) Hmm at least it has been rather fun and enriching, doing all those reports and troublesome research. Mr Yoong's so freaking demanding we didn't even have the time to breathe. All his "WHERE IS YOUR GI?!" "I DON'T SEE ANY A&E (analysis and  evaluation) AT ALL!" and "I WANT TO SEE YOUR (eg. EOM) IN MY PIGEON HOLE BY 12PM!" I may even miss it. Not.

A video about the risk of drugs done by one of the groups in my class (well not exactly about the risks but just saying how we should reject drugs or something - I don't know haha) Found it hilarious, totally laughed my ass off watching it (because I know the people in the video which makes it a hundred times funnier LOL) so I'm sharing it on my blog.