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Tuesday, November 8, 2011 4:10 AM
We're going to dance in the rain

Hey. Life's fine, I guess.
I really want to be an appreciative person who is truly satisfied with everything she already has. What more could I ask for? I have a roof over my head, I have 3 meals per day (okay maybe not 3 I eat whenever and whatever I want), I get pocket money everyday, I have a proper family and friends, I have a proper education blah blah blah. Really despise the fact that I can't be satisfied.
We're all greedy beings, admit it. Whining about how you don't have enough pocket money from your parents when there are people in a much more terrible state than you, about how school sucks, about how your phone just isn't good enough and demanding for a better one, wanting nicer clothes, complaining to other people about how your parents "sux" and your arguments with them everyday on social networks like Twitter. Spoiled brats.
No matter how nice and appreciative you are about your life, there's definitely some part of you that wants more. Hungry for an upgrade in everything you have. I'm not exactly the most appreciative person on planet Earth, I'm greedy too. Well it's not that being appreciative is completely good. Well, if you 100% satisfied with everything that you currently have, how do you improve in life then? If us human beings are always satisfied, we would have gotten stuck in the age when we are still trying to get fire from rubbing woods together - we won't even be here. Almost all my life I've always been thinking that way, arguing about how being greedy has its pros too and that we shouldn't be so focused on the cons.
I still agree with those points though. But the fact that I'm not appreciative enough - it's killing me. It makes me feel rotten like asdjhdjkahdjkasbbjoas. Am I truly who I think I am?

Oh yea. There's something that I should ask for. Better English. HAHAHAHAHA.

Anyway, submitted a layout on bs yesterday! Here's the link: http://www.blogskins.com/info/368363