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Tuesday, November 8, 2011 4:01 AM
You're mine

This post's gonna contain kpop stuff, sorry if you aren't a kpop fan - maybe you can choose to ignore this? :)

Time flies, 2011's ending soon. January seems like yesterday but we're already sinking deep in November. Pretty soon we'll be celebrating Christmas and New Year and before you know it, you are another year older. How scary (I'll be 18 lol wts man) and because this is my blog, I can do almost anything that I like here, I'm gonna post a few kpop vids that I like from this year since it has been quite some time since I last posted anything related to kpop *fangirl mode on* I'm definitely NOT a hardcore fan, I like kpop just fine. :)


Oh god just look at Soohyun! YES SOOHYUN THAT GUY WHO HAS THAT AMAZING VOICE OMG THAT CHARMING HELL OF A GUY. How I've come to like him is quite weird, since I used to actually don't like him. I recall watching U-Kiss Vampire last year and finding Soohyun weird and irritating (can't remember why though hahaha) but as time passes, I got to like him more and more, mainly because of his voice. I like guys who can really sing. Couldn't help but notice how freaking awesome his voice is!!!!! After putting aside my biased view about him, I've came to realize that he's actually quite nice and good-looking (that's a plus to his godly voice) and slowly I found myself looking only at him throughout U-Kiss's music videos, haha :D But of course, it's not only him that I like U-Kiss, I do like them as a whole though, just that I like Soohyun best so naturally I want talk more about him. I like Kevin too! (LOL basically I like guys good-looking guys who can sing - I SOUND SO SHALLOW x_x) Anyway, love their other songs like Someday and Baby Don't Cry that really showoff their great voices :)
Didn't fangirl about kpop stuff much this year because I hate myself from drifting away from Super Junior last time when I thought that I won't. I'm still quite a fan of many groups but I don't like showing my enthusiasm, haha. I support more of what they're singing, rather than their looks and what they do I guess.

Infinite - Be Mine

Personally, I feel that they're the best out of all the rookie groups for this year (erm it's not like I bother to go listen to other new groups' songs /coughs) Know about them from watching simonaandmartina's Kpop Monday videos on Youtube, haha, when they first reviewed on Infinite's Nothing's Over. Because I don't really bother to listen to what the new groups have these days, I kinda depend on Simon and Martina's reviews to get to know what good songs there are nowadays. Since they gave good reviews on Infinite's Nothing's Over, I went to look for the music video and so yep I really like it - the music video was really special (what kpop mv will use toilet paper in it you tell me LOL) and it was a nice song overall. Even though their first music video was good, I prefer Be Mine over it. Be Mine has more of this mysterious feeling and those feelings were captured really well and I really love all the effects :) The song's really catchy too, didn't really like it when I first heard it though but as I keep hearing it blasting when I go to some places I find myself humming to the tune of this song, it's AWESOME *O* Finding Sunggyu, Woohyun and L kinda cute but I can't really comment much about them because I don't know the band quite well.. ._.

G.O - Even In My Dreams

Seriously, I don't really have much to say for this music video. It's perfect and it touched my heart. G.O has an amazing voice, even though I don't understand the words that he's singing, I can quite get what the song is about and the feelings are expressed really well here. I also like how this mv is different from your typical kpop mv. Fell in love with this the very first time I saw it. But somehow, it kinda reminds me of stuff that I'm still trying so hard to forget. OH WELL OH WELL.

BEG - Sixth Sense

Another that I didn't really like at first but after forcing myself to listen to it for a few times, it's actually kind of catchy. Didn't really get the music video at first (yep this song and mv totally got me all confused hahaha) but after watching the review by Simon and Martina, I realized that there's actually hidden meaning behind this cool mv, portraying how the society's perception of beauty has ruined us, how there is very little freedom to speech etc. Anyway, Ga-in (yay I like her :D), as usual, looks hot and dangerous (HOHOHO). You can really feel their "power" in this song, their voices fits together nicely and overall, it's a very cool mv that's worth watching. Like 2NE1, they don't really act like all those other girls groups with all their cutesy songs and do produce songs with deep meaning.

Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle (반짝반짝)

Okay I need to say that I don't really like girl groups that act cute and stuff and Girl's Day is more than just being cute and doing all those aegyo. They have great voices and I love their songs. I like how listening to their songs can make me happier because they sound so cheerful and I enjoy blasting all those happy songs ^^ Anyway, isn't this music video reallyyyyy cute? It just feels that their cuteness is not that fake and the concept for this video is so creative and funny at the same time, haha. I like Minah (who doesn't? okay maybe you don't but that's none of my business~) - she's the main girl in this video - I like how she looks so hyper and really into her act here. Not only is she cute, she's good at singing too, love the part where she reaches the highest note :D

2NE1 - Hate You

I LOVE THE STORY! Even though it's just an animation and not exactly 2NE1 themselves doing all those stunts (if they really do it it's gonna take a looooong time to get it done LOL), this is just fantastic! I don't know how the song goes along with the music video but I still love the story haha it's so cute and coolshit and at the same time. I looooove anime with great fighting scenes and so, with all those badass moves that they have here, how can I not like this video? But aww the poor guy (who's actually kinda cute) ended up dead! Boohoo! I guess I don't have to comment on how 2NE1 sound, do I? It's obvious that as usual, Bom has this voice that awes us all and the other members sounds great too ^^


PSSHHH. ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT THIS OMG. It was too long ago and I just realized that this music video's released this year too so I just HAVE TO include this in my post. Really love this music video. I mean, erm, super cute guys all drenched in the rain? Checked? Epic dancing? Checked. Fantabulous voice? Checked. Dancing in water? Checked. Sexy expressions? Checked. Angst? Checked. Yes you read that right. I don't know why, but those expressions that they are giving me somehow makes me think that they feel.. angsty. Not saying this is bad, but it makes this an even cooler music video overall, of course I like ;)


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