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Wednesday, December 7, 2011 4:52 AM
Starry Starry Night

Town with Dorothy and Nicole yesterday!

We watched Starry Starry Night (some Chinese that I didn't know much about) but even though Nic really likes it (awww sweet love), I don't really. Simply because the movie wasn't really that exciting enough for me, my expression during it was almost the same throughout (erm except for the parts where there's cute guys *O* THE GUY WHO ACTED THE BULLY WAS DAMN CUTE HAHAHA). So... yea. Well actually it was rather enjoyable but puppy love just isn't my type - or maybe because it wasn't dramatic enough for me, it's kinda typical and predictable too :\
Spent our time randomly wandering around Orchard after that and gossiptalk about (you don't know what mwahahaha) :) Had fun with my lovely blogskinners! ♥


Met up with the guys for dinner the day before. It took me like 72347823965834624 years (okay actually it's about an hour or so I think) to travel from home all the way to Tampines omgggggg. The girls kept complaining about gaining weight (EH I GAINED WEIGHT ALSO LOR OMG D:) *coughs* with Jiesi being the most disturbed LOL. Ate Yakisoba and a $1 macha ice cream XD

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