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Sunday, December 4, 2011 11:38 PM
Day 4: Seven fears/phobias

Almost forgot about this uncompleted challenge o_o As much as I want to be somebody who's totally fearless, I must admit that I have fears or phobias, whatever you call them.
Rejection. Fire. Dying. Cats. Creepy crawlies. Embarrassing myself. Falling in love, maybe.
Erm actually only the first three are like my fears, the rest are merely things that I dread or dislike (yea running out of things to be scared of LOLOLOL) I don't know why I fear rejection. Fearing rejection is one of the things that always stop me from trying. If I don't cower away so often just because I think I'll get rejected, I would have done many great things (nothing comes to my mind when I say this though OMG HAHAHA) Hmmm by the sound of this, I guess I'm actually scared of failing. Because failing kinda causes one to feel rejected, in some ways.

Fire. OH GOD FIRE. One of the reasons I don't dare to cook. I think watching all those documentaries shown to us by schools about people getting burnt in a car accident or some other accidents has left me in fear that if I get close to fire I'll get burnt too. My feelings for fire are so ahsdjkashjkfhskh. I know I'm just being paranoid but that's the way I think. Everytime somebody in a show that I watch gets burned and the person starts to scream and shriek like mad I'll be like omg that must have hurt like hell and worse than dying aksdkjasjfskl omg their skin melted omg omg omg ouch.
Okay *coughs* or maybe I'm just too sensitive but I really feel their pain. I'm so paranoid that I only learnt how to lit a bunsen burner in the science lab when I was sec 4 (which is only last year #fail) because we're required to do individual work for exam (SPA - Science Practical Assessment) so I have no choice but to do everything myself. I know I suck hahaha maybe some of you may laugh while reading this - I sound so freaking ridiculous LOL. Got my finger scorched when I about like 6 or 7 because I got curious and touched the iron (I think my mum went to get some other stuff and I was left alone) So... I was a dumb kid (still a dumb kid haha) Oh well. I'm weird. Urghhhh.

Also, even though I want to be all cool and like "of course I'm not scared of dying" I've got to admit that yes I am scared of dying. Dying means giving up everything that you currently have and leaving everything behind. Death has a too deep meaning for a dumbass kid like me. I don't think I truly understand it yet.

Cats and creepy crawlies... ouch no please don't come near me :\


Oh and I'm sorry I forgot because I was kinda away from blogger then... but—
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely dongsaeng CHARMAINE whose birthday was on 27th November (yep it has been quite a while I am so late to write this on my blog x_x) LOVE YOU LOVE YOU LOVE YOU all the best with everything kayz and also that Hoya who's living in your heart :D

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