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Monday, February 27, 2012 4:24 AM
stinky brownies and afternoon pe

Imagine my shock when I came home from school earlier on to find my sis just going out with another guy from her school. From our house. My god. Since I didn't actually witness the guy in our house, I can't really start accusing my sis of doing... weird things in at home o_o plus that guy isn't even cute Well I'm kind of worried about my sis's situation these days. She can talk on the phone with some guy from day till night with like an hour or two breaks somewhere in between those phone calls. LIKE, WTH?! Very suspicious. K I admit I'm kinda protective of her. Though I never say anything about it. BUT. UGH.

Anyway. School ended at 5.30pm today omfgholyshitz I'm so sleepy now. And it's not like there's a lot of lessons today - with two 1.5hour breaks and another 1 hour break. Spend some time during the first break discussing the difference between lambs, sheeps and goats with weiyan and qianying lmao I have no idea what we were doing.
Now, it could have been boring, long breaks but we were going around selling brownies today to raise funds for our class's service learning project (which is happening this Saturday - we're going to bring the elderly to the zoo! omg while I'm excited, I'm actually rather nervous because I don't think I'm capable enough to take good care of the elderly @@ BUUUUUT - it'll be my very first time going to the zoo in my entire life hahaha)
So anyway. It was kind of fun to go around selling brownies but as usual, I'm the shy one who tagged along carrying the bag of brownies instead of being the one who asks people whether or not they want to buy. As people says, "once bitten, twice shy" after the failure of trying to sell some homemade stuff that me and my classmates made together to my secondary school friends - I SWEAR I WILL NEVER ATTEMPT TO SELL THEM ANYTHING ANYMORE. NEVER. EVER. What a horrible experience that was. No, I really despise fuhua's criticizing culture. Can't you guys be more enthusiastic about things? Well some of them are nice enough. But still. Saying this in general lah. Oh well. But omg LOL people like Angela who actually walked from table to table and was like "HELLO!" to everyone and promoting our brownies with all her ability. Wow. /claps

PE in the afternoon. at like, 3pm? Wth man omg the sun wasn't that bad actually. What was horrible was the humid surroundings that made me felt like I was about to suffocate aghsdgsajgdshja. Followed by a 1.5hour econs tutorial which I spent 1hour sleeping because I was really tired and was having this headache so I kinda dozed off... But isn't it annoying when one of your classmate took an unglam photo of you when you're sleeping in class. /died from embarrassment/


School stuff aside. Ugh I really miss fangirling over SHINee these days omg :(
I'm a horrible shawol. I seriously have no idea what they're up to these days because I'm too busy watching my animes and of course my HUSBAND ICHIGO (excuse me...) And especially Key. I used to be all gaga about him like, a year ago. They had been MIA from kpop for so long though cuz they're busy with all the promoting in Japan, but I really do hope that they can get back to KPOP KPOP KPOP SOON BECAUSE KEY I MISS YOU AND JONGHYUN AND ONEW TAEMIN MINHO ;_; I can't really handle the fact that they're singing in jap ya know, even though I'm into jap stuff. Maybe I'm just waaaaay too used to their songs in Korean so I can't really bring myself to like the jap versions for their songs. Sob.
If it's not for school I would have rewatch shinee's hello baby another time. 3rd!