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Saturday, February 25, 2012 10:05 PM
are you listening?

It's a Sunday today, woke up at like 8.30am as usual and decided to make a new layout for my blog in an attempt to revive it. I'm pretty sure I can keep it alive this time round... without a tagboard. As you can see (who am I even talking to lol I wonder who even visit a blog that didn't update for like almost 2 months omg), I had removed my blog's tagboard. It's not that I don't want to chat with people, but the main reason I haven't been blogging is due to all the tags flooding in there and piling up that it actually became a burden for me :(:(:(
Um well, you guys can still leave comments if you want.

There are people who had told me stuff like "oh I'm not visiting your blog anymore since you don't update anyway lol" and I was thinking stuff like "GOOD THEN now I can blog even more personal stuff that I usually don't blog about because I'm sick of talking only nice stuff all the time" since this is MY blog, I don't want to feel restricted to what I can talk about :\

Life's been fine. School's fine. (that is, if I try to catch up with my school work, haha) I've been quite busy, with school tumblr. PSSSHHH.
And I shall end this post with a photo :D