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Friday, March 2, 2012 9:03 AM
My stomach is growling right now

Ugh wth I should have update faster instead of being so lazy all the time hahaha I can't remember like 60% of what I wanted to blog about already. My mood has been going up and down the roller coasters these days - there are times when I'm happy and content while there are also times when I feel like killing some particular person. Heh. But you would never know, because of my awkward poker face lmao.

Oh yaaaaa. The day before my ulcer hurts so freaking much I had to apply the paste thingy to school so I couldn't utter a single word at all and omg it was really horrible and I was so NOT in a good mood lol. But anyway. People keep pissing me off these days - you guys seriously don't understand how left out I always feel haha, perhaps even more than any of you guys. (k not gonna elaborate on that if not people are going to hate me hahaha) No I don't show anything because I think it's lame to care about such stuff and what's the point of making friends I'm so ignorant and not a nice person hajsdhjaskfd blergh. There are too many times I would rather refer to a02 people as my classmates instead of friends, because there's actually a huge difference, lol.
Well actually most of the days I feel fine, maybe I had typed everything on impulse earlier on, so bleh I'll probably so fine eventually (cuz I have my husband ahdgjsaghfjkshkdja HOHOHO) oh who cares anyway? Who's going to give a shit? LOL NOBODY.

So freaking hungry right now. :(
CIP @ zoo tomorrow, gotta wake up early! No Fairy Tail for me tomorrow morning then, because usually I'll wait in front of my comp and at like 10am plus I'll keep on refreshing the page until a new episode of ft pops up and I'll like ASHJDHJKFHVCXBDJKAHJKHSD TIME TO DOWNLOAD

Etto... You can ignore the title for the post, it's always some random stuff that I only typed in after typing the entire post, haha. No link eh. But I'm really hungry :'(